My name is Kyle Pesci and I have taken on blogging to do my part in giving the privateers of motocross a little love. My theory is that high scale amateurs lose the spotlight once they make the transition to the pro ranks if they aren't a top 10 guy.  Thing is, the guy in 40th at a pro national or just making the night show at a supercross is fast as shit and has accomplished something huge.

I spent many years as a freelancer and got my start with MxRider Magazine, ran by Lee Radder. My good friend Josh Lichtle introduced us and my love for moto journalism began.

My goal is to give privateers a little press and publicity. Although their fan base may not be huge, they are normally a hometown hero at their local tracks and moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas love reading about someone they know, which in return gets new faces involved in the sport.

KCMX stands for Killer Customz Motocross. Killer Customz is a name that has just stuck with me, I had a mini truck when I was younger and didn't want to be in a car club or anything. My Uncle Mark always called me "Killer Kyle." I think for my destructive habits and it was he who made up the first Killer Customz logo. It just stuck as kids started running my stickers on moto helmets.

KCMX is all about privateers. We respect all riders. We respect all media sources. This is a small industry and one that is like family.