Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Others...Anaheim 2

Big news on the weekend was UFC fight night and the return of Conor McGregor, but inside Angel Stadium things we’re getting heated up as well for the third round of Monster Energy Supercross. 

Riders seem to be settling in to race pace and figuring that now is the time to start making moves to become relevant in the championship fights.

Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac and Star Yamaha rider Dylan Ferrandis would claim their first wins of the season although they were possibly the 450 and 250 class favorites respectively. Tomac’s came with raw speed but Ferrandis is hearing some noise after his win. His pass on Christian Craig has his placed on probation but he got his points and now has a valid shot at the 250 West Championship, just as it looked to be slipping away. The internet has been a brutal place since the finish of the 250 Main Event.

Our take on the CC and #1w incident. It sucked, it was racing, feel bad for CC, Dylan forced the issue, it wasn’t intentional.

Things we are pumped on:
-Alex Ray making his second consecutive 450 Main Event.
-Robbie Wageman 14th in the 250 Main Event and now sits 14th overall in the 250 West Championship.
-Tyler Bowers matched his A1 performance with a 17th and even after missing St. Louis, he’s the top privateer in the 450 Championship.

Rider: Tyler Bowers | Photo: Brandon Schlegel

Things we are not so pumped on:
-Cade Clason suffered a thumb injury that may sideline him a couple weeks.
-Benny Bloss needs to find some consistency.
-Bryce Stewart had some serious suspension issues and has been a Main Event guy before, put it in the night show kid!

And now...The Others

  1. 221 Mathias Jorgenson
  2. 216 Devin Harriman 
  3. 974 Brian Marty
  4. 427 Deegan Vonlossberg 
  5. 621 RJ Wageman 
  6. 112 Xylian Ramella
  7. 259 Corbin Hayes
  8. 311 Mitchell Gifford
  9. 446 Blaine Silveira 
  10. 246 Chance Blackburn 
  11. 181 Wyatt Lyonsmith
  12. 316 Dawson Newby
  13. 97 Chris Howell
  14. 193 Hunter Schlosser
  15. 120 Todd Bannister 
  16. 277 Kordel Caro 
  17. 929 Taiki Koga
  18. 154 Chase Felong

  1. 722 Adam Enticknap 
  2. 82 Cade Autenrieth 
  3. 53 Jimmy Decotis 
  4. 44 Kyle Cunningham 
  5. 43 John Short
  6. 447 Deven Raper 
  7. 56 Justin Starling
  8. 981 Curren Thurman 
  9. 92 Austin Politelli 
  10. 509 Alex Nagy 
  11. 330 AJ Catanzaro 
  12. 817 Jason Clermont 
  13. 976 Josh Greco 
  14. 114 Nick Schmidt 
  15. 86 Josh Cartwright
  16. 67 Jerry Robin
  17. 11 Kyle Chisholm
  18. 280 Cade Clason

-Kyle Pesci
Cheer Privateer

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