Thursday, January 9, 2020

The Others...A1 2020

A new season, a new century and a new battle for the Monster Energy Supercross Championship.

Made the night show but didn’t make the main event? We give credit where credit is due with The Others. 40 guys prove they have what it takes to perform in front of a packed stadium and through heat races and a last chance qualifier, 22 will head to the Main Event, while the other 18 are forced to pack it up and call it a night.

On Paper, this season’s 450 class is stacked! There are 14 current riders with a professional championship on their resume, add another when Tickle comes back and yet another if we count past race winner, Justin Brayton’s Australian Championships. 

Justin Barcia was a complete surprise winner to us at first but when you stop and think of how open he’s been about his changes to his Yamaha motorcycle and his commitment of living in a motor home in California, maybe a new and calmer Justin could be a contender. He’d win his heat race and back it up with a W in the Main Event. Adam Cianciarulo backed up his Monster Energy Cup won months ago with setting the fastest qualifying time and finishing his night in second at his first 450 Championship race. Cooper Webb was said to be very sick and would quietly leave A1 with a third and a good start to his Championship defense.

In 250 action Justin Cooper and Star Yamaha team mate Dylan Ferrandis look to be the best guys. Cooper would take the W as Dylan worked from a start outside the top 5 to a 2nd place finish. Austin Forkner would cross the line in 3rd but later be docked to 5th for cutting the track. This bumped Geico Honda’s Christian Craig to the final podium spot.

With the list of talent we mentioned, it may be a long season for most privateers with only a few spots truly feasible on paper. All but 3 guys in the 450 class were on Factory or Factory Supported motorcycles. Big props this week to Tyler Bowers, Kyle Chisholm and Chris Blose on putting much smaller programs into the Main Event! 

Rider: Chris Blose | Photo: Brandon Schlegel

And now...The Others

  1. 929 Taiki Koga
  2. 221 Mathias Jorgensen 
  3. 118 Cheyenne Harmon 
  4. 621 RJ Wageman 
  5. 260 Dylan Woodcock
  6. 284 Lorenzo Camporese
  7. 914 Geran Stapleton
  8. 216 Devin Harriman
  9. 200 Dare DeMartile 
  10. 427 Deegan Vonlossberg 
  11. 974 Brian Marty
  12. 246 Chance Blackburn 
  13. 181 Wyatt Lyonsmith 
  14. 154 Chase Felong
  15. 277 Kordel Caro 
  16. 952 Ludovic Macler 
  17. 55 Martin Castelo
  18. 108 Aaron Tanti

  1. 44 Kyle Cunningham 
  2. 50 Benny Bloss
  3. 71 Ryan Breece
  4. 82 Cade Autenrieth 
  5. 92 Austin Politelli 
  6. 61 Alex ARay
  7. 67 Jerry Robin
  8. 56 Justin Starling
  9. 86 Josh Cartwright 
  10. 848 Joan Cros
  11. 304 Hector Assuncao
  12. 280 Cade Clason
  13. 70 Dylan Merriam 
  14. 817 Jason Clermont 
  15. 114 Nick Schmidt 
  16. 421 Vann Martin
  17. 65 James Weeks
  18. 722 Adam Enticknap 

-Kyle Pesci

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