Thursday, January 24, 2019

Was Webb Shafted on the Triple?

Cooper Webb came out swinging at the first Triple Crown stop of the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross Series. Just three rounds in and the Triple Crown format would look to shake things up as we’d visit Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California for the second and final time. 

The Triple Crown is advertised as a three “Main Event” format of racing. Three shorter sprints as opposed to the traditional 20 minute Main Event. It’s a chance for almost anyone to grab a decent start and make a run for the checkers as time quickly runs out. At the same point, one mistake could ruin your night. 

PC: Brandon Schlegel

Newly signed RedBull KTM athlete, Cooper Webb looked rejuvenated with these quick races. He literally shot down the competition in “Main One” and backed it up with a W in “Main Two.” Third in “Main Three” would secure the overall, but was his night really as successful on paper as it seemed in Anaheim? 

Cooper came in to Round Three sitting 8th in Points and 13 points back in the Championship. On the result sheet his overall victory was worth 26 points. A 3 point advantage over Eli Tomac and 7 points over Ken Roczen. His win would bump him from 8th to 3rd in the Championship, and now sitting back 6 points. But why? Didn’t Cooper just win two mains? Shouldn’t points be paid per Main Event?

This really got me thinking of how the Triple Crown was designed to shake things up and how Cooper kind of got shafted. We should have a three way tie heading in to week 4! 

Overall Points After Round 2
  1. Roczen 44
  2. Barcia 43
  3. Tomac 40
  4. Baggett 37
  5. Wilson 34 
  6. Musquin 33
  7. Anderson 32
  8. Webb 31 
  9. Plessinger 29
  10. Brayton 28
  11. Seely 27
  12. Reed 23 

Overall Points After Round 3 
  1. Roczen 63 
  2. Tomac 61
  3. Webb 57
  4. Barcia 56
  5. Musquin 56
  6. Wilson 52
  7. Anderson 46
  8. Baggett 45
  9. Plessinger 45
  10. Seely 44
  11. Brayton 37
  12. Reed 33

Overall Points After Round 3 w/ Triple Points System

  1. Roczen 104
  2. Tomac 104
  3. Webb 104
  4. Musquin 100 
  5. Barcia 81 
  6. Wilson 79
  7. Anderson 72
  8. Plessinger 71
  9. Seely 71
  10. Baggett 63 
  11. Brayton 58 
  12. Reed 55 

What do you think? Should the Triple Crown stops payout points per race? If we are going to call them Main Events, shouldn’t they be treated as Main Events?

-Kyle Pesci

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