Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Others...Indy (East vs West)

Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana was host to Round 12 of the Monster Energy Supercross Series. It’d also host an early spring snow storm that shutdown the pits and had riders packed in the stadium basement or taking cover in the semis.

Serving as an East vs West Shootout, we’d get our first shot at seeing the best 250 riders from each coast display their skills. We’d also get the return to racing by Blake Wharton. The once factory supported title contender has joined the IB Corp Team with help from Ryan Hughes. Not much has changed with the number 741. Over the front riding style with hair flowing from behind the helmet. His speed remains as well.

Qualifying keeps the East and West separated. The West’s Joey Savatgy cranked out a 44.122 that topped the best from the East’s Jeremy Martin, who put down a 44.579. Marvin Musquin seems to benefit from a smaller whoop section and a not so jumpy track design. It proved he was comfortable with his 43.319 qualifying time. 

The Main Events provided possibly the best racing of the season. Jeremy Martin would benefit from a good start and as he clicked off laps, the chase was on behind him. Points leader, Zach Osborne and contender Aaron Plessinger were stuck in turn one and would work from around last towards the front. AP made it to 5th while Osborne worked his way to a 7th. Adam Cianciarulo started around 10th and after a battle with TLD/RedBull KTM’s Jordan Smith would get to second with a last lap pass on Luke Renzland. Renzland made just a small mistake that allowed AC by but would hold on to a career best and first podium finish in 3rd. It was also a first for the Traders team and Ohlins Suspension in Supercross. I called it early in the day. Going back to the less aggressive track layout and a very worn whoop section, Marvin Musquin just looked comfortable. He’d go on to a 450 Main Event win. Husqvarna’s Dean Wilson landed his first podium of the year in 2nd and Justin Brayton once again found himself on the podium. 

Dylan Merriam. This guy had a solid ride last week and was riding some momentum in to this weeks race. The number 86 was looking good in practice until a clipping a tricky triple-single in to a corner. As the bike front flipped, Merriam stayed on for the ride. Strolling back through the pits I shot him a thumbs up and got back a painful head shake. We then stood behind the starting gate before the 450 LCQ and relived the crash. “I better make this main and it’ll all be worth it.” This was Dylan’s answer to the stiffness that was setting in. Dylan made the Main with a 2nd  in the LCQ and went on to a season best 18th. I later passed Dylan sitting in the same seat where he had his head down just hours ago, now smiling as he gave me a “well, it was worth it.” Seeing will power and determination in the flesh can give you the chills. I promise you, Dylan Merriam is a bad dude.

Rider: Dylan Merriam

And now...The Others 

  1. 85 Josh Cartwright 
  2. 64 Michael Mosiman 
  3. 151 Carter Gordon
  4. 188 Gage Schehr 
  5. 986 Lane Shaw 
  6. 214 Vann Martin 
  7. 57 John Short
  8. 725 Richard Jackson 
  9. 171 Yannis Irsuti
  10. 608 David Pulley
  11. 427 Deegan Vonlossberg 
  12. 137 Martin Castelo 
  13. 170 Michael Leib 
  14. 42 Dakota Alix 
  15. 174 Josh Osby
  16. 619 Mark Weishaar

  1. 81 Chase Marquier 
  2. 48 Henry Miller 
  3. 401 Samual Redman 
  4. 240 Bryce Stewart 
  5. 447 Deven Raper 
  6. 138 Blake Lilly 
  7. 509 Alex Nagy 
  8. 330 Cade Autenrieth 
  9. 282 Bubba Pauli 
  10. 733 Steve Mages
  11. 73 Brandon Scharer 
  12. 78 Ronnie Stewart 
  13. 181 Dustin Pipes 
  14. 471 Logan Karnow 
  15. 914 Brice Klippel 
  16. 122 Chris Howell 
  17. 80 AJ Catanzaro 
  18. 84 Scott Champion 

-Kyle Pesci

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