Friday, February 9, 2018

The Others...Glendale

Here we go. We’re getting in to that portion of the season where the gloves come off and racing for the championships is getting heated. Round 4 of Monster Energy Supercross invaded The University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Things would get going a little earlier with an advanced schedule. That wouldn’t affect riders from coming out swinging in qualifying. Pro Circuit backed Joey Savatgy would top the 250 class with his 55.872 heater, the only rider in the 55’s. When the 450’s took to the track for session one, Jason Anderson would put his Rockstar Husqvarna in the 55’s and wouldn’t be joined until session two. Anderson would qualify first overall and only be joined by three others in the 55 second mark.

While KTM’s Shane McElrath was up front of Heat One, we were stuck on watching that final transfer spot to go directly to the Main Event. The number 137 of Martin Castelo put on an impressive ride to secure 8th and a spot in his second Main Event of the season. Aaron Plessinger would top the second Heat aboard his Star Yamaha. The 450 heat races would kick off with an but on an unexpected winner. MotoConcepts Honda rider Justin Brayton would taste the top spot. Jason Anderson would win the second heat.

The Last Chance Qualifiers a normally a spot were privateers can shine as they fight for the last four spots in to the Main. Then a guy like Joey Savatgy has a Heat Race crash and is lining up for the LCQ. Joey would get the win. Then there was the 450 class LCQ. Benny Bloss, Chad Reed, Matt Bisceglia and Jake Weimer are all names that belong in the top 10. Not today! These four would transfer from the LCQ.

Like we mentioned in our opening words, the racing is getting good. Aaron Plessinger showed urgency to get to the front of the 250 class. His pass on Shane McElrath had some fans questioning the move and Shane a little fired up. They’d end up one, two respectively with Pro Circuit’s Adam Cianciarulo on the final podium step. After being quiet for most the day, Monster Energy Kawasaki backed Eli Tomac came out on fire and looking for his second Main Event W in a row. Tomac looks determined to make up points that he’s watched slip away as he hasn’t given up on the 450 Championship just yet. Tomac would take the win, followed by Justin Barcia and Ken Roczen.

Flu season is among us and riders around the pits are hacking and coughing through the motions. We stopped to check in with our guy Alex Ray early in the day and figured it’d be best to stay far away the rest of the day. After riding only one qualifying session he’d make the show and go on to transfer directly to the Main Event from his Heat. He’d feel forced to pull off during the Main and take a 22nd on paper, but damn...Four in a row ARay! 

Alex Ray not looking so good just before the night show

And Now...The Others

  1. 81 Chase Marquier 
  2. 117 Julio Zambrano 
  3. 138 Blake Lilly 
  4. 77 Ryan Surratt 
  5. 122 Chris Howell 
  6. 149 Tallon Lafountaine 
  7. 321 Bradley Lionnet 
  8. 383 Casey Brennan 
  9. 497 Brock Leitner
  10. 71 Josh Mosiman
  11. 715 Kele Russell 
  12. 817 Jason Clermont 
  13. 150 Austin Walton 
  14. 271 Kyle Fry 
  15. 277 Kordel Caro
  16. 141 Robbie Wageman 
  17. 275 Johnny Jelderda 
  18. 448 Broc Shoemaker 

  1. 907 Ben Lamay 
  2. 447 Deven Raper 
  3. 330 Cade Autenrieth
  4. 73 Brandon Scharer 
  5. 48 Henry Miller 
  6. 84 Scott Champion 
  7. 80 AJ Catanzaro 
  8. 722 Adam Enticknap 
  9. 86 Dylan Merriam
  10. 211 Tevin Tapia
  11. 509 Alex Nagy 
  12. 471 Logan Karnow
  13. 214 Vann Martin 
  14. 78 Ronnie Stewart
  15. 90 Dakota Tedder 
  16. 39 Kyle Cunningham 
  17. 918 Michael Akaydin 
  18. 981 Austin Politelli 

The bikes will next hit the track in Oakland for a daytime event that always produces great racing.

-Kyle Pesci

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