Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Ambition...Nick Fratz-Orr

Staring at your phone has become the norm in this technology filled life we live in. It's no different at the races. Social media is a key way for racers to give back to their sponsors and between qualifying sessions many racers turn to their phones to check lap times. Crunching numbers to see if you're in a position to qualify may ease the nerves between sessions or be the motivation to step it up if you want to make the main gate. However on multiple occasions this past season we spotted one rider crunching numbers of a different type.

When Nick Fratz-Orr returns from his qualifiers or motos he's quick to get to work, but not always on something moto related. The 24 year old from Oakland, Maryland decided to take on real estate and commits to providing the best for his clients no matter when or where. Now working in the Deep Creek Lake area of Maryland for the private company Railey Realty and learning from his fathers over 30 years of experience has given Nick the knowledge well past his few years in the business. 

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Traveling with his dad to races often transitions the moto van to a mobile office. So with the number 265 in the back, phone calls and emails make the drives seem a little shorter. "On the way to Southwick we were each at 26 or 28 calls in the first 3 hours." It makes for crazy days but is a true statement to the ambition that Nick brings to moto and real estate alike. 

It started in 2000 with a Honda XR50. Chasing his older brother Derek through the years would prove to benefit them both. Although they don't have the opportunity to ride together often as Derek works as a nurse, they enjoy the last minute chances to still chase each other on the track. Derek has loaned Nick bikes to keep him on the track and from time to time will show up to race a national as well. 

Busy at work he was forced to use his self motivation, a strong point for Nick. Although he used to train at GPF (Georgia Practice Facility) in Cairo, GA he has decided to stay home. Closer to family and clients. With a few tracks within a few hours, along with a track and gym at home he's able to make the best of everything. "I'm only 24 once so I don't want to look back and wish I could have done more." "You don't have to have the semis or huge motorhomes, that stuff doesn't make you faster. What makes you faster is the hard work, asking questions and learning."

Photo: Diffysmooth

He's influenced by watching the top athletes of our sport achieve their goals. He's been to the point of wanting to sell it all and quit. Injury after injury had him applying for college and the stress of money between rounds has you hoping to qualify and just break even. But one common thing with Nick and almost every privateer we talk to is that satisfaction when you do qualify. Sitting on the gate as one of the 40 fastest racers in the world. It all goes away. "I can tell you that when I make the main, sometimes I just forget about it all and go out there and enjoy it." The hard work is worth it and Nick Fratz-Orr is a true meaning of getting out of something what you put in. 

The most important to Nick is his parents. Mom prepping the food to get him through the weekend and Dad as a traveling partner and mechanic. His brother who has been a life long supporter. He also has a list of great sponsors behind him. Railey Realty, Barnes Bros Motorcycles and Off Road, Factory Connection, Renegade Fuels, FMF Racing, Luke Himler and Max Steffens at Fly Racing, Aria Helmets, Scott USA, Hinson Clutch Components, Mika Metals, Works Connection, 180 Decals, Dubya, Motorex USA, Gaerne Boot Co., Bill Mayle who is almost always around to help out and a long list of family and friends who have been there to show support. "No gesture is ever overlooked."

So as the Monster Energy Supercross season starts up don't forget about Nick Fratz-Orr who will be back home in Maryland making deals in the real estate world and working hard to be one of the guys you're hanging over the fence cheering for when the weather breaks and we head back to the great outdoors. 

#cheerprivateer for 265

-Kyle Pesci

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  1. I love it!! Im going to keep an eye on your work Kyle. Keep grinding its great for the sport.