Saturday, December 30, 2017

Comfort Zone...Jarett Pesci's switch to Race Tech.

As you walk through the pits between qualifying sessions of a professional motocross or supercross event you'll witness teams in a melee to better their rider. Making the slightest changes to the motorcycle can better suit a track condition or even the mental aspect of the rider on that specific day. It just may be the difference between qualifying, scoring a point, cracking the top 10 or even get you that W on the day.

Anyone who has ever seen Jarett Pesci on a motorcycle would probably use the same word to describe his style...smooth. At the professional level of motocross, riders are looking for seconds on the track to separate them from the competition. Just fractions will be the difference between lining up behind the gate or going home early. For Jarett, he is a man of very few changes. Not one of those riders who is very picky when it comes to setup.

After riding a KTM while in the 65cc and 85cc ranks, he'd spend nearly 8 years on their big bikes. Then Pesci made a switch. He'd go blue in 2016 and almost instantly look comfortable on the Yamaha. There was just something missing though. From the outside looking in, you could see it. The bike was fast and capable, it just was off a little bit.

Just before heading south to begin training for the 2017 season, Jarett would go for one more big change. The bike just needed to handle a little different and he felt like he'd find his comfort zone. Jarett called on Chris from Race Tech for ideas, answers and willing to do what it took to push the Yamaha just a little bit further.

Boxed up and sent west was a set of forks and a shock. No demands, just the basics. Rider skill level, height and weight. What was returned just a short time later was re sprung, Gold Valved, and some Race Tech secrets that handled right out of the box. From day one back on the bike, Jarett felt he was better than were he left off. The stop watch agreed. Being able to trust the bike allowed him to push just that little bit more. 

Race Tech support. A phone call away or trackside service centers. Race Tech has specifically trained and approved suspension service techs throughout the country and at all major events. For Jarett it was as easy a phone call to Wyatt at the Race Tech headquarters for any advice on track conditions and handling. From the loam of RedBud, the hard deep ruts at Ironman or the non stop sand whoops at Gopher Dunes in Canada. The bike just worked!

What were the previous problems? The bike would just tuck and low side out of know where. In chop it seemed like there was no correct setting for the rebound of the shock. At nearly 6'2" Jarett stated "no matter how much I stand up, the bike will smack me in the ass." Race Tech fixed these things.

We recommend Race Tech for all your suspension needs or wants. A key factor in Jarett's switch to Yamaha was the spring fork. Race Tech offers spring fork conversions for air fork bikes if that's the feel you're looking for. The next time you feel slightly out of your comfort zone, try Race Tech. They support the sport, they care about their customers of all skill levels and they #cheerprivateer

-Kyle Pesci

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