Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Others...Unadilla

After a week off, the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships would head back to the east coast. Unadilla in New Berlin, NY would serve not just as round 10 of the series but also showcased a few rookies making their professional debut after a week at the Loretta Lynn's Amateur National. Mother Nature would show up as well! 

Things got a little wet when the storms rolled in. | Photo: Kenny Day

Keep your eyes on the new kids. Justin Cooper won the Nicky Hayden Horizon Award at Loretta's earning him the title of most likely to succeed at the next level. Joey Crown and Jayce Pennington would be two more top amateur prospects to get their feet wet (literally) at Unadilla. All three would earn points on the day, Cooper beat the rookie class going 12-2 for 5th overall.

Rain, Rain go away. The skies would open during the first 450 moto and as storms rolled in, the red flag was forced to be thrown. RedBull KTM backed Marvin Musquin would be the first off the track and be given the win as the 11 laps ran were good enough to call it a complete moto. The severe weather cut the second motos down on time and once again Musquin showed his ability no matter the condition. 1-1 handed Marv the overall. Martin Davalos 8-2 scores took second overall and Cole Seely would take the final spot on the podium with 3-6 moto scores. The 250 class racers got a chance to show their mud skills as well. Jeremy Martin put his Geico Honda atop the box with 2-1 motos. Joey Savatgy won moto one but was 4th in moto two, good enough for second overall. Husqvarna's Zach Osborne will look to lock up his first outdoor championship next week after a third overall with 3-5 motos.

Weather can be an equalizer and a privateers best friend. This would see quite a few privateers earn some points on the day. Steven Clarke, Austin Root, Cody Williams, Jon Ames, Henry Miller, Josh Mosiman, Carson Tickle, Ronnie Stewart and Bobby Piazza are some of the names of guys on their own dime who mixed it up in the points paying positions. We've got to give it up to the number 40 of Freddie Noren as well. The guy went 11-13 after a few stressful weeks. 

Freddie Noren on the charge. | Photo: Kyle Pesci

And now...The Others

  1. 231 Jayce Pennington 
  2. 130 Austin Root
  3. 50 Luke Renzland 
  4. 677 Cody Williams
  5. 179 Jon Ames 
  6. 449 Dakota Kessler 
  7. 319 City Schock
  8. 726 Gared Steinke 
  9. 345 Joshua Prior 
  10. 640 Aaron Zielfelder 
  11. 446 Blaine Silveira
  12. 609 Bradley DePrenger
  13. 209 William Lofstrom 
  14. 202 Luke Hempen
  15. 246 Chance Blackburn 
  16. 731 Steve Roman 
  17. 264 Tyler Kirschner 
  18. 892 Garret Loppolo 
  19. 367 Hunter Sayles
  20. 350 Roland Beck Jr.
  21. 200 Joachim Falden 

  1. 88 John Short
  2. 401 Samuel Redman
  3. 637 Robert Piazza
  4. 596 Carson Tickle
  5. 332 Jeremy Hand
  6. 270 Jacob Runkles 
  7. 265 Nick Fratz-Orr
  8. 96 Vann Martin
  9. 351 Eric Grondahl 
  10. 813 Aaron Lampi
  11. 98 Matt Babbitt
  12. 472 Jake Impens
  13. 151 Dakota Tedder
  14. 240 Bryce Stewart
  15. 887 Thomas Coluzzi
  16. 181 Dustin Pipes
  17. 49 Anthony Rodriguez 
  18. 309 Jeremy Smith
  19. 412 Jared Lesher 
  20. 154 Brandon Scharer 
  21. 558 Jerry Robin

We are in the final swing of the series. Next up is Budds Creek and the Championship fight is bound to get interesting. Who do you have? 


-Kyle Pesci

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