Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Others...Budds Creek

The Washington D.C. area has had a lot of focus on it over the last weeks. As our country deals with it's struggles, Round 11 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships united moto fans at Budds Creek in nearby Mechanicsville, Maryland. 

Once again Mother Nature threatened a mudder and Friday night rain was so strong it should have sealed the deal. However, Saturday morning provided sunny skies and one hell of a track crew at work would make perfect conditions for the days battle.

The points battles in each class are nothing short of exciting. Zach Osborne comes in with a chance to wrap up the 250 Championship and a few off motos for Kawasaki's Eli Tomac has caused his giant points lead to slip away and have everyone crunching the numbers at Marvin Musquin and Blake Baggett's shot at putting the number one plate back on a  KTM.

In 450 class action moto one would be a bit of a shock as Marvin Musquin tried to hunt down the RCH Suzuki of Justin Bogle. Bogle took the win and then. Y finishing just ahead of Musquin again in moto two, Bogle would earn his first career 450 overall with 1-3 scores. Musquin was second and Kawasaki's Eli Tomac used a win in moto two to get his 7-1 day on the final podium spot overall. When the gate dropped on the 250 class the question was, can Zach Osborne earn enough points to seal his first 250 Championship? Jeremy Martin would attempt to spoil the early celebration but come up short when the number 16 Husqvarna finished 8th in moto one. The newly crowned champ would then go out and win moto two, securing second overall on the day. Adam Cianciarulo has been around what seems like forever and it'd be a bike day for him as well, winning his first ever pro moto in moto one and going on to take the overall with 1-2 moto scores. Shane McElrath looked strong all day and would finish third overall.

Joey Crown has spent his life as a top amateur. With multiple national championships and coming off a second overall in the pro class at Loretta's you'd think you'd hear his name thrown around a little more. However, talk about the Michigan rider has kept quiet and he'd make his transition to the pro ranks as a privateer. You can call the mudder last week a fluke but again the 355 Kawasaki was inside the top 20. Cheer Privateer for Joey Crown and let's hope he opens some eyes for 2018.

Rider: Joey Crown | Photo: Jim McMillan (

And now...The Others

  1. 677 Cody Williams
  2. 791 Gustavo Souza
  3. 231 Jayce Pennington
  4. 130 Austin Root
  5. 179 Jon Ames
  6. 319 City Schock
  7. 640 Aaron Zielfelder 
  8. 200 Joachim Falden
  9. 325 Cody Chisholm 
  10. 264 Tyler Kirschner
  11. 716 Timothy Crosby
  12. 345 Joshua Prior
  13. 449 Dakota Kessler 
  14. 645 Cheyenne Harmon 
  15. 700 Jimmy Weeks
  16. 246 Chance Blackburn 
  17. 731 Steve Roman
  18. 657 Justin Wolf
  19. 369 Jason Astudillo
  20. 294 Nicholas McDonnell
  21. 74 Brad Taft

  1. 77 Ben LaMay
  2. 718 Toshiki Tomita
  3. 81 Henry Miller
  4. 154 Brandon Scharer 
  5. 606 Ronnie Stewart
  6. 125 Josh Mosiman 
  7. 285 Tony Archer
  8. 412 Jared Lesher
  9. 96 Vann Martin
  10. 789 Marco Antezana
  11. 170 Zack Williams
  12. 776 Ryan Dowd
  13. 270 Jacob Runkles
  14. 151 Dakota Tedder
  15. 813 Aaron Lampi
  16. 332 Jeremy Hand
  17. 887 Thomas Coluzzi
  18. 356 Daniel Lippman
  19. 395 Tyler Stephen
  20. 993 Austin Wagner 
  21. 558 Jerry Robin


-Kyle Pesci

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