Friday, July 7, 2017

The Others...Thunder Valley

There becomes one question when the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships roll in to Lakewood, Colorado for the Thunder Valley National. Who can withstand the elevation? Husqvarna's Jason Anderson has admittedly struggled in the past and the bikes will also lose some horsepower to the altitude.

Photo: @lmckibb
Qualifying times in the 250 class got down to 2:14.143 with Zach Osborne topping the class. Alex Martin, Joey Savatgy and Adam Cianciarulo would also post times in the 2:14's, proving that the motos would be a fight to the finish. The 450's would set the tone for the day besting the overall times when RedBull KTM's Marvin Musquin threw down a 2:12.157 with Jason Anderson in tow with a 2:12.484.

Once the gate dropped on the 250 motos, it'd be not just a battle for the moto wins but a struggle to put together two solid moto performances. Alex Martin got out front early and was able to keep his lead when pressure was applied. Pro Circuit's Austin Forkner made a late push that Martin held off. Forkner's 2-3 would only be good enough for 4th overall. After winning moto one, Alex Martin was only able to get to 4th on moto two. He'd swap positions with Joey Savatgy whose better second moto handed him the overall. 3-2 moto scores gave Geico Honda's Jeremy Martin the upper hand for 3rd overall. The premier class only saw one guy on the podium in both motos, Blake Baggett would go 3-1 for 1st overall aboard his Rocky Mountain ATVMC KTM. Marvin Musquin would seem disappointed with 4-3 scores although it'd be good enough for 2nd overall. After a strong 2nd in moto one, Jason Anderson floated around the top 5 before finishing 6th and 3rd overall on the day.

Brandon Scharer pilots the number 154 and has shown his speed this season amongst the 450 class. This week he'd wrap up a 17th overall after going 14-17 in the motos. After spending the Supercross season on a Honda with help from the K1 Speed/BWR team, who aren't racing outdoors, Scharer made a switch to a Yamaha and seems to have gotten comfy quick. Cheer Privateer for the 154.

And now...The Others 

  1. 558 Jerry Robin
  2. 183 Lorenzo Locurcio 
  3. 50 Luke Renzland 
  4. 388 Brandan Leith
  5. 660 Stone Edler
  6. 677 Cody Williams
  7. 702 Josiah Hempen
  8. 96 Vann Martin
  9. 200 Joachim Falden
  10. 570 Cody VanBuskirk
  11. 234 McCoy Brough
  12. 747 Cody Gray
  13. 268 Blake Neiehiser
  14. 767 Mason Wharton 
  15. 657 Justin Wolf
  16. 769 Michael Norris
  17. 892 Garret Loppolo
  18. 336 Chaz Braden
  19. 820 Dalton Oxborrow
  20. 341 Nico Izzi
  21. 81 Henry Miller

  1. 606 Ronnie Stewart 
  2. 544 Morgan Burger
  3. 718 Toshiki Tomita
  4. 157 Jacob Baumert
  5. 151 Dakota Tedder
  6. 321 Bradley Lionnet 
  7. 311 Mitchell Gifford
  8. 600 Connor Olson
  9. 670 Dylan Schmoke
  10. 140 Austin Kouba
  11. 708 Joseph Perron
  12. 139 Nathan LaPorte
  13. 482 Riley Brough 
  14. 144 Nicolas Rolando
  15. 120 Todd Bannister 
  16. 393 Curren Thurman
  17. 645 Cheyenne Harmon 
  18. 240 Bryce Stewart
  19. 823 Logan France
  20. 589 Claude Olson
  21. 383 Casey Brennan 

The east coast swing will begin after a one week break when the series heads to High Point.

-Kyle Pesci

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