Friday, July 7, 2017

The Others...Tennessee

Leading in to round five of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships the talk was rain. Severe weather threatened Tennessee and looked to make Muddy Creek Raceway live up to its name.

Photo: Joseph Tyring
With early morning rain, qualifying would start out wet but the clouds would break and after some time on the track, lap times would drop. Jeremy Martin put his Geico Honda atop the 250 class with a 1:52.311 while Husqvarna's Jason Anderson threw down the fastest lap of the day with a 1:51.030 in the 450 field.

Race action was prime. The dirt was that of chocolate cake and the tracked worked up to perfect racing conditions. Star Yamaha's Aaron Plessinger came out with a holeshot and win moto one performance and a second in moto two would secure the overall win. Zach Osborne put his Husky out front in moto two and his 5-1 would end his day second overall. Austin Forkner was consistent with 3-3 scores for third overall.

I feel like the 450 class has a group of guys who are geeked up at the chance to win motos with the absence of Ryan Dungey and some struggles of Eli Tomac. Tomac came out to show he is still a championship favorite by claiming the overall with 2-1 scores. Jason Anderson won moto one and would go on to finish second overall. Blake Baggett's 3-3 scores aren't what he'd call a good day and although good enough for third overall, his rides were very impressive. The number 4 went from 39th to 3rd in moto two to protect his points lead.

Rochester, Minnesota's Henry Miller took the number 81 to 16th overall after he backed up his moto one struggles with a 13th in moto two. Watch for the Triggr Racing rider to to be a constant inside that top 15.

And now...The Others

  1. 78 Nick Gaines
  2. 74 Bradley Taft
  3. 172 Mark Worth
  4. 179 Jon Ames
  5. 791 Gustavo Souza
  6. 716 Timothy Crosby
  7. 370 Chandler Lindsay
  8. 228 Donny Brown
  9. 234 McCoy Brough
  10. 640 Aaron Zielfelder
  11. 208 William Lofstrom
  12. 613 Nick Schnagl
  13. 842 Jake Scott
  14. 264 Tyler Kirschner
  15. 130 Austin Root
  16. 700 Jimmy Weeks
  17. 702 Josiah Hempen
  18. 818 Jimmy Barry
  19. 746 Chase Stevenson 
  20. 790 Michael Suire
  21. 767 Mason Wharton 

  1. 151 Dakota Tedder
  2. 596 Carson Tickle
  3. 637 Bobby Piazza
  4. 921 Isaac Teasdale
  5. 606 Ronnie Stewart 
  6. 154 Brandon Scharer 
  7. 170 Zack Williams
  8. 281 Max Tannenbaum 
  9. 270 Jacob Runkles
  10. 927 Jamal Porter
  11. 544 Morgan Burger
  12. 265 Nick Fratz-Orr
  13. 868 Michael Docherty
  14. 581 Kyle Bitterman
  15. 181 Dustin Pipes
  16. 399 Broc Peterson
  17. 918Michael Akaydin 
  18. 96 Vann Martin
  19. 727 Bradley Esper
  20. 139 Nathan LaPorte
  21. 14 Cole Seely

The series will now head to Buchanan, Michigan's RedBud. I can hear the yells already, Reeeeeeeeeeeed Buuuuuuuuuuuud!!!

-Kyle Pesci

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