Friday, July 7, 2017

The Others...RedBud!

Fireworks in the sky give fair warning that Independence Day is near. As we start July and Americans prepared to celebrate their independence, the chants of Reeeddd Buuuddd could be heard loud in Buchanan, Michigan. Round six of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships took to the infamous RedBud!

The 250s hit the track first in search of the fast lap around a track that offered a few changes this year. Husqvarna's Zach Osborne would figure things out and be the only rider to get in the 2:02s with his 2:02.558. The cutoff to make it straight to the show would be Josiah Hempen's 2:11.213. The 450 class would prove itself fastest when Blake Baggett laid down a 2:00.730 onboard his Rocky Mountain ATVMC KTM. Michigan's Jerry Lorenz rounded out the 36 strait to the motos with his 2:10.107.

When the gate drops it seems that Zach Osborne has a radar that puts him on a path to the front. He'd go 2-1 for the overall win. Brothers Alex Martin and Jeremy Martin would finish second and third respectively. Jeremy tied for moto points with local Mitchell Harrison, who got his first career moto podium but Martin's first moto win gave him the overall podium. Eli Tomac came out decked in red, white and blue and would make America proud! He'd go 1-1 on the day. Capitalizing on some others mistakes he'd also earn back the series points lead and red plate. Jason Anderson finished second overall with 4-2 scores and KTM's Marvin Musquin consistently went 3-3 for third overall. Blake Baggett came in as the points leader but was only able to salvage fourth overall after a 2-10 day.

What a weekend for Privateer Henry Miller. The Triggr Racing team has been working hard to get the number 81 battling inside the top 20 of the 450 class. Finding himself near the front with good starts, Miller would go 12-16 for 15th overall. After just two weeks in the premier class Miller currently sits 22nd in points.

We hear it quite often that moto is like a family. RedBud is our hometown race and friends and family come out to see my brother, Jarett Pesci race amongst the best in the world. After just one lap in the first timed session, the 904 quit. His first lap was a good one and ended up qualifying him 23rd overall. He was however with out a running bike. This is where some of the great people this sport has brought into our lives stepped up to make Jarett's 28-27 results a possibility. I've got to give a huge shoutout to the 677 machine of Cody Williams, a guy who'd literally give the shirt off his back. Thank you to Kenny Day, Skip Norfolk and the Traders team for your efforts to get the Yamaha on the track. These guys literally opened up the cupboards for whatever we needed as we kept running back for more. Zach Eller and the MicroBilt team for dropping what they were doing to find some oddball tools and lastly to Lonnie and Jim from Championship Powersports for busting their asses to get an entire engine rebuilt between qualifying and the motos. Thank you.

And now...The Others

  1. 74 Bradley Taft
  2. 367 Hunter Sayles
  3. 791 Gustavo Souza
  4. 677 Cody Williams
  5. 570 Cody VanBuskirk
  6. 179 Jon Ames
  7. 970 Pedro Bueno
  8. 904 Jarett Pesci
  9. 130 Austin Root
  10. 613 Nick Schnagl
  11. 660 Stone Edler 
  12. 264 Tyler Kirschner
  13. 234 McCoy Brough
  14. 702 Josiah Hempen
  15. 393 Curren Thurman
  16. 657 Justin Wolf
  17. 449 Dakota Kessler
  18. 200 Joachim Falden
  19. 319 City Schock
  20. 31 RJnHampshire
  21. 128 Cameron Macdonald

  1. 718 Toshiki Tomita
  2. 154 Brandon Scharer 
  3. 27 Nick Wey
  4. 309 Jeremy Smith
  5. 125 Josh Mosiman
  6. 170 Zack Williams
  7. 353 Kody Kamm
  8. 544 Morgan Burger
  9. 596 Carson Tickle
  10. 321 Bradley Lionnet 
  11. 921 Isaac Teasdale 
  12. 265 Nick Fratz-Orr
  13. 606 Ronnie Stewart
  14. 332 Jeremy Hand
  15. 841 Jeff Walker
  16. 96 Vann Martin 
  17. 881 Jerry Lorenz
  18. 351 Eric Grondahl
  19. 2 Cooper Webb
  20. 68 Heath Harrison
  21. 796 Mike Bidus

The series will head to "The Wick" for round seven. Who will prevail in the sandbox?

-Kyle Pesci

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