Friday, May 5, 2017

The Others...MetLife

As the season comes towards an end, riders are just about out of time to add a 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Main Event to their resume. Desperate times call for desperate measures and we'd see just about everything possible in New Jersey for round 16 at MetLife Stadium.

First I'll touch on the Musquin and Dungey situation. I get it, you wanted to see the closest championship fight as possible and the fact is, you still have the closest 450 points battle we've seen in a very long time. Was Marvin's "mistake" a mistake? Hell no. Should they have owned it on the podium? Why not! But, you are ignorant if you believed for one minute that Marvin wasn't going to let Dungey by. Those were 3 very crucial points heading in to Vegas for the final round. Sure Marvin wants to win and deserved that one but he is on a team and has a teammate with a shot at the championship. Manufacturers employ a team for a few reasons. Their odds of winning increase and the fact that the main goal is a championship. Whether it came from Dungey, Musquin or Canard the goal from KTM was the same. When a factory rider gets injured and a fill in rider is put in place, that is for pure presence on the track for that manufacturer. If that is important, just how important is that number one plate? For KTM, they produce a motorcycle called the Factory Edition (not a half year). The fact of the matter is that Bike has been able to have a big number one on it for a while now and maybe thanks to Marvin it will have one on it again when the 2018 model is released. Good work TEAM KTM.

Qualifying times were around 51 seconds. Ryan Dungey would top the 450 class, while it'd be Zach Osborne in the way in the 250 class atop the chart. Leading the way in to the heat races, they both carry that momentum in to the night show and win their respective heat races. Jason Anderson claimed the other 450 Heat with Pro Circuit Kawasaki's Adam Cianciarulo taking his 250 Heat win. The 450 Semi Qualifiers were won by Kawasaki's Josh Grant and HONDA HRC backed Cole Seely. 

Man I love the intensity of the Last Chance Qualifiers. Privateers shine and I feel you get 20 guys lined up who believe this is their shot to win inside a stadium. The 250 LCQ was quickly controlled by the 81 of Henry Miller with Lane Staley in tow. Millers teammate, Paul Coates took third and Josh Cartwright would take the final transfer spot to make his sixth straight Main Event. The 450 LCQ had about fourteen guys with Main Event experience, yet only four move on. Nick Schmidt took the lead and rode to a win with the 941 of Angelo Pellegrini giving chase. AJ Catanzaro and Dakota Tedder would take the last two transfer spots.

Was it mental? When the gate dropped on the 450 main, a quick bobble by Jason Anderson handed the lead to the Kawasaki of Eli Tomac and the number 3 looked like he'd add at least 3 points to his championship lead. Then the wheels fell off. A tip over left Tomac kick starting his motorcycle and two KTM's out front. As Marvin Musquin took the lead from his RedBull KTM teammate, Tomac would bobble again as he fought around mid pack. Dungey would then capitalize on the "mistake" and take his third win of the season and the points lead to the final round. Musquin held on for second. Husqvarna's Jason Anderson rode to a strong third in front of RMATVMC KTM's Davi Millsaps and Blake Baggett. In 250 action, Zach Osborne looks to be on a mission. In my own, he deserves the championship and has looked to be the fastest guy on the track all season. He worked his way to the front of the pack and went on to win the Main Event. Dylan Ferrandis has been somewhat quietly getting solid results and took second in Jersey. Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider, Joey Savatgy crossed the finish line in third but it was a mid race crash that'd come back to haunt him. Not sure if it was heat of the moment but he cut the track...a lot! He'd later be docked 5 positions ultimately giving the final podium step and the points lead to TLD KTM's Jordan Smith. 

All or nothing. Although not related the Stewart boys, Bryce and Ronnie were able to capitalize on being in the right place at the right time and some last ditch efforts by a few others. Bryce Stewart would punch his ticket to the main first after Deven Raper made a last corner pass attempt of Tyler Enticknap and wound up sucked in to the back of the 723 machine. In Semi Two, AJ Catanzaro made a similar move on Dakota Tedder and both would go down and allow hometown hero Ronnie Stewart to make his way to the 450 Main Event. Tedder had some run ins with Alex Ray and Ronnie Stewart earlier in the night but would eventually make his way to the Main via the 450 LCQ. The whole night was a bit of a slam fest. Josh Grant may have been a little frustrated at some wide riding and what I'd consider cross jumping as he went straight into Malcolm Stewart. He'd then gesture towards him over the next jump as Stewart worked to regain his composure. Deven Raper had another clean out during his semi, with an aggressive pass on Pellegrini.

Henry Miller has been putting in the work to get his number 81 Triggr Racing Honda in to the top 20 over the overall 250 East Championship standings. A Last Chance Qualifier win and going on to take 16th in the Main Event would earn him 5 points. He currently sits 4 points out of the top 20, behind Dakota Alix. Miller has made 6 of the 8 Main Events this season.

Rider: Henry Miller
I've also got to give an honorable mention to the 606 Suzuki of Ronnie Stewart. No other racer, factory or privateer brings out the fan section like Ronnie does at MetLife for his hometown race. He'd make them all proud by making his second Main of the season. 

And now...The Others

  1. 118 Levi Kilbarger 
  2. 313 Kyle Swanson
  3. 351 Eric Grondahl 
  4. 914 Brice Klippel 
  5. 795 Aaron Leininger 
  6. 309 Jeremy Smith
  7. 98 Matt Babbitt 
  8. 814 Deven Sorenson 
  9. 392 Michale Fowler
  10. 285 Tony Archer
  11. 131 Mark Mckinney 
  12. 692 Brett Mclaud
  13. 675 Kyle Dillin
  14. 248 Travis Delnicki 
  15. 183 Lorenzo Locurcio 
  16. 613 Nick Schnagl 
  17. 256 James Milson

  1. 723 Tyler Enticknap 
  2. 314 Alex Ray
  3. 282 Bubba Pauli 
  4. 722 Adam Enticknap 
  5. 447 Deven Raper 
  6. 291 Kyle White
  7. 713 Chad Cook
  8. 645 Cheyenne Harmon 
  9. 509 Alex Nagy
  10. 336 Chaz Braden
  11. 619 Mark Weishaar 
  12. 746 Chase Stevenson
  13. 389 Davey Sterritt
  14. 760 Tyler Wozney
  15. 517 Jared Hicks
  16. 918 Michael Akaydin 
  17. 19 Justin Bogle 

Vegas baby! A 450 champion will be crowned and the 250 East Vs. West Shootout will offer up the chance to claim being the fastest 250 supercross rider. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...except number one plates, we'll see those in January.

-Kyle Pesci

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