Friday, May 26, 2017

The Others...Hangtown

The bikes go back outdoors as the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship got underway in Sacramento, California. The Hangtown Classic has served as the season opener for 21 seasons and would set the pace for the 11 rounds to come in hopes of crowning the 250 and 450 class champions.

With a new series, comes a new format to "The Others." With 40 guys making the field, we highlight the results from 20 thru 40. We call them The Others. As most results sheets will highlight the top 10 to 20 finishers, we dig deep to the privateers who accomplished a lifelong dream, a rider who has progressed from not qualifying to making the show or just nearly cracking in to a points paying position. Even with a few mistakes or just a shitty day, a factory guy may find himself on The Others list. Look at these names. Some you'll know, some you won't but they are all professional motocross racers. They endure the conditions of the toughest sport on the planet for your entertainment. Next time you watch or attend a race...Cheer Privateer.

Kawasaki's Eli Tomac probably would have entered the 450 championship as the favorite with or without the recent retirement of Ryan Dungey. Tomac is looking for his first premier class championship and would start the day off with his 2:06.346 topping the qualifying times and setting the tone. Husqvarna rider, Zach Osborne is fresh off his 250 East Supercross championship and he too would top his class. The number 16 would turn a 2:09.365. The two would take that momentum to the motos were they'd each go 1-1 on the day. In the 250 class, Alex Martin's 4-4 scores were good enough for 2nd overall with Aaron Plessinger going 3-5 for 3rd overall. Consistency would make the 450 podium. Behind Tomac was the KTM of Marvin Musquin and Kawasaki's Josh Grant. The two would go 2-2 and 3-3 respectively. 

Eli Tomac after a moto win.
It's a long series but nobody wants to get off to a bad start. Unfortunately this is motocross and shit happens. Jason Anderson would rebound to a 6th in moto 2 after taking a rock to the face that'd require a DNF and some stitches in moto 1.  I had Dylan Ferrandis on my list of guys who could win round 1 in the 250 class but a big moto 1 crash would take the Yamaha rider out for the day.  Jeremy Martin made a switch to the Geico Honda squad in hopes a another 250 Championship but after a mechanical DNF in moto 1, it'll be an uphill battle.

When it comes to privateers, we were impressed with a few riders. Josh Mosiman came in to his hometown race and would score his first points as a professional with his 20th in moto 2. Nico Izzi was back on the bike and after years of struggling with injuries and addiction he was able to finish both motos, going 25-28. Brandon Scharer is on a Yamaha outdoors after spending the Supercross season with the BWR/ K1 Speed team. He'd score some points in 250 moto 1.

Rider: Josh Mosiman | Photo: Connor Moore

And now...The Others


  1. 791 Gustavo Souza
  2. 388 Brandan Leith
  3. 677 Cody Williams
  4. 57 Jimmy Decotis
  5. 321 Bradley Lionnet 
  6. 702 Josiah Hempen
  7. 660 Stone Edler
  8. 96 Vann Martin
  9. 341 Nico Izzi
  10. 767 Mason Wharton
  11. 427 Deegan Vonlossberg
  12. 529 Broc Loftis
  13. 892 Garret Loppolo
  14. 522 Cole Zitterkopf
  15. 234 McCoyBrough
  16. 200 Joachim Falden
  17. 929 Travis Bell
  18. 179 Jon Ames
  19. 235 Tucker Cantrell
  20. 820 Dalton Oxborrow
  21. 42 Kyle Cunningham 
  22. 108 Dylan Ferrandis 


  1. 68 Heath Harrison
  2. 941 Angelo Pellegrini 
  3. 154 Brandon Scharer 
  4. 125 Josh Mosiman 
  5. 262 Connor Pearson
  6. 167 Zach Bell
  7. 544 Morgan Burger
  8. 140 Austin Kouba
  9. 170 Zack Williams
  10. 606 Ronnie Stewart
  11. 151 Dakota Tedder
  12. 90 Dillan Epstein 
  13. 447 Deven Raper
  14. 771 KJ Mckenzie
  15. 279 Thales Vilardi
  16. 482 Riley Brough
  17. 144 Nicholas Rolando
  18. 383 Casey Brennan
  19. 240 Bryce Stewart
  20. 670 Dylan Schmoke
  21. 534 Travis Freistat

Horsepower will be key as Round 2 takes to the hills of Glen Helen.

-Kyle Pesci

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  1. Ahhh Ryan Dungey would have came in as the favorite in my humble opinion. Awesome writing as always Kyle, enjoy your perspective and representation of the privateers.