Thursday, April 27, 2017

Influence...Carson Tickle

They say ride with those faster than you and your skills too will improve. We see it in all sports, a son who follows in his dads footsteps as a professional athlete. Like Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr. in baseball. NASCAR gave us the Petty's and Earnhardt's. Then there are brothers who share the same talent like NBA players Mark and Pau Gasol or football stars Eli and Peyton Manning. It's even in motocross. Maybe the best known is Mike and Jeff Alessi but it goes back to the days of guys like Greg and Keith Bowen. There are currently privateers Aaron and Adam Gulley who have shared some supercross starting lines, but there is one family you may not be aware has more than one fast guy on the line at a Lucas Oil Pro Motocross National.

As a little brother you look up to your older siblings. You may not always admit it but you're watching, learning and striving to be like them. When you're the youngest of three boys who ride dirt bikes, things may get a little competitive.

Like most racing stories start, it all began with a PW50 for Carson Tickle. It was far from love at first sight though. The then 4 year old from Cary, North Carolina got his first taste of whisky throttle on day one and would wrap his Yamaha around a tree. It was enough to scare the youngest Tickle  away from motorcycles for nearly a year. Watching older brothers Colton and Broc chase their dreams across the country at various amateur nationals motivated Carson to give it a more serious go himself. He'd go on to qualify for the Loretta Lynn's Amateur National in both 2011 and 2014. First in the 250 C classes where he'd finish 2nd overall in the modified class. His return to "The Ranch" in 2014 would be in 450B and the College B/C class, where he'd finish top ten in both. His success provided motivation. "I wanted to put all my effort into racing. As a result, my riding started to improve and so did my results."

Photo provided by Carson Tickle
While Colton has just graduated from North Carolina State University and is beginning a career in finance, Broc has enjoyed success as a 250 Supercross Champion and now a member of the RCH Suzuki team, Carson is now able to focus on his racing as a privateer. The three may not get to ride together often, in fact maybe just a few times since Carson has been on big bikes. It's the success on and off the bikes that motivates Carson. "It just resonates that if you put in the work and stay committed, success will come."

Looking for that success, Carson has stepped away from a job at a local motorcycle dealership and is focusing on finishing college with an associates degree. The now 20 year old is using the rest of his time preparing for a summer on the bike and is looking forward to the outdoor season as he wants to be a top 20 guy. "I want to score points."

Making his pro debut at the 2015 Muddy Creek National, Tickle has shown flashes of his speed.  He'd qualify for his first three nationals in 2015 and just miss out on a top twenty finish at Budds Creek. He has the speed for those top twenty finishes he seeks, yet it's the technicality of his riding where he feels he has an edge. Coming into 2017 he will now run number 596. A number that signifies numbers ran by his brothers as amateurs and his Birthday of May, 1996. A number to keep an eye on.

Carson rides back from a moto with brother Colton.
Carson Tickle is a racer who just loves to ride his dirt bike. He enjoys pushing through his struggles towards his goals and thrives off the influence from his brothers. Chasing his dreams because of a family that loves the sport and believes in each other. He knows that it's racing that makes his family and has brought so many people in to his life. "Racing is indescribable." 

Carson will head in to the 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship with support from Sport Durst Powersports, SRWMX, TCX Boots, Pro Taper, Galfer, ARay Helmets, Eks Brand Goggles, Motoseat and Yoshimura.

Carson and Broc share a moment with their Dad before heading out for battle.
Driven by the success of family and chasing the influence of his brothers, we will Cheer Privateer for Carson Tickle this summer. 

-Kyle Pesci

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