Sunday, December 18, 2016

2017 Monster Energy Supercross Preview.

I've reached that point in the year where I'm just over it. It's freezing cold in the Midwest and the only thing I can seem to find on TV is reruns of Family Feud. I'm ready. Ready for Monster Energy Supercross. The fantasy leagues and Saturday nights watching Fox Sports. Bring on 2017!

The new year is going to bring some changes to Monster Energy Supercross. The biggest being the official announcement of timed main events. The 450 class will switch from 20 laps to 20 minutes plus 1 lap. The 250 class will go from 15 laps to 15 minutes plus 1 lap. This will add a few laps to the main events. I am guess we will see 450 mains around 26 laps and the 250 class around 20. How and who will this effect? I see this working mostly in the favor of two Honda guys, Ken Roczen and Jeremy Martin. The races that Roczen lost last year I can remember thinking "if he only had another lap." As for Martin, his fitness seems to be his strong point and the longer he's on the track, the more of a threat he becomes. I'm personally a fan of this change. On the fitness level I think we may see some privateers with main event speed move up in position as the pace of the race may change a little.

Big name privateers. There have been some names added to the privateer list this season that have me scratching my head. Dean Wilson may top that list for me. He's joined by guys like Malcolm Stewart and Jake Wiemer. All three are past 250 class champions and can be a real threat at podium finishes. Privateers we are expecting to see in main events? Keep your eye out for Henry Miller, Alex Ray, Noah McConahy, Jesse Wentland and Jacob Williamson. 

The television package for the 2017 season was just released and you can watch every round of Monster Energy Supercross thanks to FOX, Fox Sports 1 and Fox Deportes. They kicked it off with a preview show on December 18th on FS1. Three rounds have been selected for national coverage through your local FOX channel. Indianapolis, Salt Lake City and East Rutherford. For more information and tickets to a race near you check out

Anaheim One on January 7th kicks off a 17 round battle for the Championship. Can Ryan Dungey defend his crown? Is the switch to red what Ken Roczen needed to claim a 450 supercross title? The 250 east and west championships will go to someone new as Malcom Stewart and Cooper Webb will make their bid for the 450 top spot. It's going to be good. 

Drop the gate already. 

-Kyle Pesci

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