Thursday, November 10, 2016

Next Level

The dirty truth in our sport is that no matter how fast you are and the support you had as an amateur in motocross, there will be a time where doing this as a career is up in the air and a ride at the next level won't be there. Factory spots are very limited and have seemed to slowly decrease over the years. 

Kyle Cunningham takes the spotlight during an off season race.
At the same time, I see the strength of the field getting deeper. As most silly season questions have aligned themselves we scratch our heads at others. Guys like James Stewart and Dean Wilson are still without team. Is it the depth of the talent pool that keeps guys like Kyle Cunningham, Heath Harrison, Anthony Rodriguez and Josh Osby from having support rides heading in to 2017 supercross? The list of really good guys without contracts is a long one. 

I question, what if we had more satellite teams? Who would you pick as your riders? I look back at teams like Pro Caliber Suzuki, Planet Honda, Yamaha of Troy, Subway Honda, Moto XXX and more that were crucial in supporting guys from 10th thru 20th. 

So as this sport grows in popularity, which I truly feel it has. We have live race coverage and more one off events than ever. Ryan Dungey graced the cover of a Wheaties box and the pages of ESPN magazine. Where are all the good rides?

Next I ask, would parts alone make the difference? Could good suspension or motors take a guy from mid pack and put him on the radar? Are fill in rides like that taken by Phil Nicoletti at JGR the true stepping stone to a full time gig or will results alone get you the break your looking for? Christian Craig and Josh Grant are two more guys who went from part time to season contracts. I ask if parts make the difference after looking at the results of guys like Gannon Audette. He had a good season going and was a top ten threat. He got his fill in spot with Pro Circuit and instantly went to the podium. After his time under the semi he'd also return to the mid pack. Is this coincidence or a sign that the bike is indeed a major factor? 

You be the judge. Let's here your opinions on this article. Who deserves a ride and who would you hire? 


-Kyle Pesci

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