Friday, October 7, 2016

Privateer Twist on 2017 Numbers.

By now most fans of moto have checked in on what number their favorite rider will be sporting in 2017. The California tracks are starting to fill up with guys supercross testing and donning their new digits. The number talk might be around Cooper Webb taking number 2. A single digit with a rich history of dominance. While that's in the mainstream, we take a look at some privateers who made the top 100.

59-Noah McConahy
McConahy has to be one of the most improved riders of 2016. Racing 250 west he was a regular in the mains and outdoors was a constant top 15 threat in the 450 class. He got his first national number of 96 last year and made a huge jump for 2017.

Rider: Noah McConahy | Photo: Kyle Pesci

62-Jesse Wentland
A lot will change for Wentland in 2017. Although his number will be minimal. He has once again earned a double digit in the 60s. Going up the list one digit from 63 to 62. He has split with long time sponsor RSR and is still searching for solid support. This guy has proven to have top 5 speed and should be on some of the smaller teams lists.

Rider: Jesse Wentland | Photo: Kyle Pesci

68-Heath Harrison
Being a top privateer is a struggle in itself. Going out and putting yourself in the mix with the factory guys fighting for top 10 finishes week in and out is just next level. Harrison was able to do just that. Harrison would have weeks that were purely impressive. He'd also struggle at rounds like Spring Creek and Unadilla. This guy is just getting started! He found his pace this season and consistency will come.

Rider: Heath Harrison | Photo: Kyle Pesci

73-Marshal Weltin
After just a few outdoors in 2015, Weltin would earn number 89 for 2016. He'd get some help from friend Justin Barcia for the 250 east series but would be sidelined with injury. Outdoors he'd finish as high as 14th. We expect to see his number jump somewhere into the 50s with a healthy season.

Rider: Marshal Weltin | Photo: Kyle Pesci

75-Nick Schmidt 
Savage. Known as the Milestone Assassin, Schmidt is a supercross specialist. After missing the main at Anaheim 1 he'd go on to make every main on the season. 

Rider: Nick Schmidt | Photo: Diffysmooth

80-Cade Clason
Cade was a part of the BWR Engines/K1 Speed team last season and was a constant threat in 450 semi qualifiers. He'd spend the summer in Canada but will be back in the States for supercross.

Photo: Cade Clason | Photo: Kyle Pesci

91-Jacob Williamson
When Gannon Audette got the call to fill in at Pro Circuit, Williams would fill the spot left at Legends and Heroes. He earned all his points in racing 250 east supercross and will be a constant main event threat on 2017.

Rider: Jacob Williamson | Photo: Kyle Pesci

92-Jason Brooks
Jason Brooks is one of those true grit kind of guys. We went through a year that saw some sponsor changes and struggles but no matter what Brooks showed up to race. We even saw him at RedBud without a single sticker on his bike besides his 81. We are pumped to see him with another double digit.

Rider: Jason Brooks | Photo: Kyle Pesci

98-Matthew Babbitt
Babbitt will just drop the 7 off his 2016 number 987 as he earned his first double digit. Babbitt shows real grit outdoors and seems strong late in motos. Last year he was on the outside of that top 20 bubble and this year found the opposite side. 

Rider: Matthew Babbitt | Photo: Kyle Pesci

Here is a full list of 2017 numbers. Look good, you'll be questioning yourself come January.

*Career Numbers
**New Career Number for 2017

1 - 450SX - Ryan Dungey
1 - 450MX - Ken Roczen
1 - 250MX - Cooper Webb
1 - 250SX West - Cooper Webb
1 - 250SX East - Malcolm Stewart
2**      Cooper Webb
3*        Eli Tomac
4*        Blake Baggett
5*        Ryan Dungey
6*        Jeremy Martin
7*        James Stewart
10*      Justin Brayton
11*      Kyle Chisholm
12*      Jake Weimer
14*      Cole Seely
15*      Dean Wilson
16*      Zach Osborne
17**    Joey Savatgy
18*      David Millsaps
19*      Justin Bogle
20*      Broc Tickle
21*      Jason Anderson
22*      Chad Reed
23**    Aaron Plessinger
24        Austin Forkner
25*      Marvin Musquin
26**    Alex Martin
27*      Nicholas Wey
28        Mitchell Oldenburg
29*      Andrew Short
30        Martin Davalos
31        RJ Hampshire
32        Weston Peick
33*      Joshua Grant
34        Benny Bloss
35        Arnaud Tonus
36        Adam Cianciarulo
37        Phillip Nicoletti
38        Shane McElrath
39        Colt Nichols
40        Fredrik Noren
41*      Trey Canard 
42        Kyle Cunningham
43        Matt Bisceglia
44        Jordon Smith
45        Mitchell Harrison
46        Justin Hill
47        Malcolm Stewart
48        Christian Craig
49        Anthony Rodriguez
50        Luke Renzland
51*      Justin Barcia
52        Tyler Bowers
53        Cole Martinez
54        Gannon Audette
55        Jessy Nelson
56        Kyle Peters
57        James Decotis
58        Chris Alldredge
59        Noah McConahy
60        Tristan Charboneau
61        Vince Friese
62        Jesse Wentland
63        Alexander Frye
64        Hayden Mellross
65        Paul Coates
66        Michael Leib
67        Jimmy Albertson
68        Heath Harrison
69        Wil Hahn
70        Dakota Alix
71        Justin Starling
72        Cole Thompson
73        Marshal Weltin
74        Bradley Taft
75        Nick Schmidt
76        Scott Champion
77        Ben Lamay
78        Nick Gaines
79        Darryn Durham
80        Cade Clason
81        Henry Miller
82        Luke Clout
83        Jackson Richardson
84        Daniel Herrlein
85        Thomas Hahn
86        Trevor Reis
87        Chris Howell
88        John Short
89        Austin Howell
90        Dillan Epstein
91        Jacob Williamson
92        Jason Brooks
93        Josh Cartwright
94*      Ken Roczen
95        AJ Catanzaro
96        Vann Martin
97        Ryan Sipes
98        Matthew Babbitt
99        Chase Marquier
377*    Christophe Pourcel
800*    Mike Alessi

-Kyle Pesci

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