Friday, September 2, 2016

Surprise...Cade Clason.

Like all sports, motocross feeds off the big names. Ryan Dungey, Ken Roczen or Eli Tomac. The pits and souvenir stands are littered with their likeliness. We expect these big names to be the only guys at the front of the result sheets so much that we seem surprised when a privateer throws his name into the mix. Are we so naive as fans that we doubt what any racer is capable of?

After turning pro at Unadilla in 2013, Ohio native Cade Clason (Clay-sin) is one of those riders who is able to surprise the result sheets at any given race. Number 761 showed up for the final two rounds of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships at Budds Creek and Ironman after spending his summer in Canada racing the CMRC Rockstar Nationals. Privateers spend all season chasing the series attempting to qualify and earn championship points. He'd earn 3 points at Budds Creek. Hungry for more and qualifying 17th fastest, Clason would make good on his last shot at Ironman in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Riding to impressive 14-18 motos, his results would earn him 15th overall on the day. He'd end the event as the top finishing privateer.

Cade attacks Gopher Dunes | Photo: Kyle Pesci

The dream is to be up front racing in the U.S. but Cade's drive comes from his racing in Canada. After filling in for an injured rider on the Big Steel Box | Redemption Racing Team he'd get a chance to race full time for the team and prove himself as a front runner in the MX1 class. Competing against names like Millsaps, Alessi, Metcalfe and Goerke. Clason became one of those names. His season best result being a 4th at Deschambault and consistency that would place him 7th overall in championship points. "I'm working hard to get further towards the front in the states, but right now I can battle for top fives in Canada and that feels pretty good!" 

Racing the 2016 Monster Energy Supercross series, Cade would would make 6 main events in the 450 class while riding for the K1 Speed | BWR Engines Team. Finishing as high as 17th at both Toronto and Foxborough. He'd finish the season 28th overall by earning 15 points. Looking towards the 2017 season he just wants to be the surprise finisher that nobody expected to do great. 

The 21 year old is living at South Carolina's Club MX. Training and bettering himself as a racer is a priority. A smooth style that Cade admits needs work while sprinting early in the races. His endurance and consistency is strong but no matter how good of shape you're in, those last laps of the moto can test the will of the strongest mentally and physically. Cade will be prepared for 2017. 

They call it privateer island. So many riders get stuck. Then comes a guy like Alex Martin. Just years ago he was on the verge of quitting while sleeping in his van between races. We all know where his road has lead. This brings hope to Cade and many other privateers. Scoring points and making mains has you on that boat, it's just a matter of how hard your willing to paddle. 

Cade during qualifying in Toronto | Photo: Kyle Pesci

Sponsored by; Big Box Steel, Redemption Racing, KTM, FLY, Mika Metals, 100%, Mobius and Alpinestar. Cade is also very close to his family. "They believed in me when I didn't even know if I'd be able to keep racing." 

Come Supercross we look for Cade to have a true breakout season and consistently threatening to be around the top 10.  Don't be surprised. 

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