Monday, July 25, 2016

The Others...Washougal

Pine trees in the northwest made for a scenic round 9 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships as Washougal Mx Park in Washington state played host.

The season is coming to it's end and as the championships seem to be in the hands of Ken Roczen (450) and Cooper Webb (250), others are just getting fired up. It bothers me a little...okay a lot to hear Eli Tomac is only winning because Roczen is in championship mode. Yes, I am sure Kenny is a little conservative but I'm sure loosing two rounds in a row was not on his to do list. I'm not much of a Cooper Webb fan but this dude is unreal on a motorcycle. Even on his bad days we watch Webb pull away from the 250 field.

Qualifying predicts the future. It doesn't always go this way, but on this day your fastest qualifiers would prove to be fastest at day's end. Eli Tomac would top the 450 class while Cooper Webb set the fastest time by over a second amongst the 250 class. Luke Clout topped the 250 privateers and Gared Steinke once again put his 125 in the show! Noah McConahy is a local and had the Washougal layout dialed all day. He'd qualify 14th on his JMC Husqvarna. Not in the top 36 and you get one more shot through the consolation races. Bryar Perry made good of that chance by winning the 250 class race. In the 450 class it'd be the number 509 of Alex Nagy taking the checkers and moving on to the show.

Chaos in the 250 class shook up the overall and the only thing consistent on the day was Star Yamaha rider Alex Martin. His 1-2 scores earned him his first career overall. Martin's season has been surprising to me but this dude deserves the success. Seeing a guy who was the definition of privateer get to the level he's at now is something special. Austin Forkner grabbed his first career moto win and the rookie's 10-1 motos somehow put him 2nd overall. Forkner WILL be a championship contender in 2017. Cooper Webb doesn't like to loose but when 3-6 scores still get you on the podium, you've salvaged a bad day and proved your championship efforts. Jackson Richardson put in a solid first moto and rode to a 15th in moto 2 to be the day's top privateer at 21st overall. 

The 450 class started out as another Ken Roczen display of dominance. The RCH Suzuki rider was in control of the entire first moto. By day's end it'd be Kawasaki's Eli Tomac on the top step of the podium. Tomac looks to be getting the bike and his health figured out. Too little to late or better late than never? You be the judge. Roczen rode to 2nd in moto two and 2nd overall. KTM's Marvin Musquin had one of his best days with a 3-3 for 3rd performance. Top privateer of the 450 class goes to Noah McConahy on his number 96. The Washington native went 11-13 for 12th overall. The last time we talked to Noah he was hungry for a top 10 overall and it looks like he may get it before seasons end.

Rider: Noah McConahy | Photo: Bryon Eschenburg
Cracking that top 20 this week and earning some illusive championship points was a challenge in a deep 250 class. Besides Jackson Richardson, Marshal Weltin would be the only other privateer to score a point with a 20th in moto 1. The 450 class may not be as deep with healthy, factory talent but none the less scoring points is not an easy task. Jesse Wentland went 14-14 and Heath Harrison 19-15, Joining McConahy by scoring points in both motos. Dustin Pipes, Nick Schmidt, Paul Coates, Colton Aeck and Kevin Rookstool were all able to score points in one moto. Huge shoutout to Tyler Enticknap who finished 21st in moto 2 and will look to crack that top 20 at Unadilla.

And now... The Others

20. 289 Mitchell Harrison
21. 56 Jackson Richardson
22. 61 Gannon Audette
23. 58 Jimmy Decotis
24. 89 Marshal Weltin
25. 125 Josh Mosiman
26. 677 Cody Williams
27. 297 Henry Miller
28. 421 Vann Martin
29. 321 Bradley Lionnet
30. 222 Chris Howell
31. 367 Hunter Sayles
32. 388 Brandon Leith
33. 203 Zac Commans
34. 726 Gared Steinke
35. 97 Tevin Tapia
36. 492 Luke Clout
37. 975 Jake Loberg
38. 180 Bryar Perry
39. 91 Brandon Scharer
40. 69 Colt Nichols

20. 95 Dustin Pipes
21. 79 Nick Schmidt
22. 175 Paul Coates
23. 526 Colton Aeck
24. 123 Kevin Rookstool
25. 476 Collin Jurin
26. 723 Tyler Enticknap
27. 987 Matthew Babbitt
28. 670 Dylan Schmoke
29. 468 Austin Kouba
30. 636 Keith Knight
31. 381 Kinser Endicott
32. 722 Adam Enticknap
33. 88 Ronnie Stewart
34. 771 KJ Mckenzie
35. 534 Travis Freistat
36. 509 Alex Nagy
37. 188 Dillan Epstein
38. 151 Dakota Tedder
39. 87 Austin Politelli
40. 52 Ben Lamay

The riders will enjoy 2 weeks off. Some will head to Loretta Lynn's Amateur National to see the stars of tomorrow while others recover, relax, spend family time and train harder for the series return at Unadilla on August 13th.

-Kyle Pesci

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