Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Others...Southwick

A track became a privateers best friend when Southwick was put back on the schedule for the 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships. After a 3 year absence, Round 7 invaded Massachusetts and it was a great day for racing.

Photo: Jeff Miller
Qualifying always got a shake up in the years past at Southwick and the return would show no difference. A track like non other on the schedule gives local talent and "sand specialist" a chance to shine. When you see names like Tim Tremblay, Robbie Marshall, Dakota Tedder and Shane Kelleher all in the top 10 of 450 qualifying, it's bound to be a good day for privateers. 20 of the 36 450 riders to qualify on time were privateers. Guys like Tyler Bowers and Matt Bisceglia missed the cut on time. However, Bowers would get in with a consi win. The 250 qualifying looked a little more like normal with names you know up front. Pro Circuit Kawasaki's Austin Forkner would top the timed sessions. The number 570 of Cody VanBuskirk would put his KTM in the show after winning the 250 consi.

The 450 class might have offered the best races of the season. Kawasaki rider, Eli Tomac looked to regain old form and was lit in moto one. He'd chase the RCH Suzuki of Ken Roczen early and once around would gap to an almost 30 second win. Again in moto 2 it'd be Tomac making a statement and even a tip over after just taking the lead couldn't stop a 1-1 performance for his first W of the season. Justin Barcia would use 6-3 scores to claim the final podium spot. 

250 racing continues to be a guess at who can and who will win. The Star Yamaha team looks to be getting comfortable at the top as they'd claim 4 of the top 5 overall positions on the day. But my who can is Austin Forkner. The Pro Circuit Kawasaki rookie has been consistent all season and was able to find his first podium of the season, going 5-2 for 3rd overall. Teammates Cooper Webb and Jeremy Martin would each claim moto wins though it'd be Webb's 2-1 that took top honors. Martin would finish the day 2nd overall.

Impressed or not? The Pro Circuit team. Forkner is solid and the 66 of Arnaud Tonus was impressive with 3rd in moto 1 and was as high as 4th in moto 2 before a tip over left him finishing 8th. Adam Cianciarulo, what is wrong? 9-19 for 14th. Are we watching Joey Savatgy throw away another championship? Probably my favorite rider on the track, but is he haunted by that red plate? Going 10-11 for 9th isn't going to make the fight any easier.

Rider: Adam Cianciarulo | Photo: Jeff Miller
Scoring points! Marshal Weltin, Jackson Richardson, Tevin Tapia, Brandon Scharer and Luke Clout were able to crack the top 20 in one moto of the 250 class. Joey Peters, Tim Tremblay, Jason Brooks, Ricky Renner, Robert Marshall and Jeremy Smith were able to do the same in the 450 class.

I'm beginning to sound like a broken record but Heath Harrison is on fire. The number 99 went 12-19 for 16th overall. A serious reason to watch those battles mid pack is rides like that put on by Noah McConhay. The number 96 Husky worked from 30th to 18th in moto 1 and from 37th to 15th in moto 2. Tim Tremblay made the trip down from Canada. Bike issues cost him a top 15 in moto 1, but he'd redeem himself with a 13th in the 2nd moto.

Rider: Noah McConahy | Photo: Jeff Miller

And now...The Others

20. 89 Marshal Weltin
21. 56 Jackson Richardson
22. 97 Tevin Tapia
23. 91 Brandon Scharer
24. 84 Jimmy Albertson
25. 492 Luke Clout
26. 677 Cody Williams
27. 297 Henry Miller
28. 570 Cody VanBuskirk
29. 593 Martin Castelo
30. 61 Gannon Audette
31. 412 Jared Lesher
32. 726 Gared Steinke
33. 640 Aaron Ziedfelder
34. 421 Vann Martin
35. 125 Josh Mosiman
36. 768 Cole Shondeck
37. 527 Matt Hammer
38. 964 Sean Ballard
39. 603 Parick Delowery
40. 73 Nick Gaines

20. 133 Ricky Renner
21. 748 Robert Marshall
22. 309 Jeremy Smith
23. 43 Fredrik Noren
24. 535 Joey Peters
25. 776 Ryan Dowd
26. 868 Michael Docherty
27. 956 Austin Phelps
28. 431 Travis Marsh
29. 886 Shane Kelleher
30. 88 Ronnie Stewart
31. 242 Shawn MacDonald
32. 987 Matthew Babbitt
33. 703 Justin Rando
34. 4 Blake Baggett
35. 859 Alex Higley
36. 317 Richie Tolman-Moschett
37. 474 Michael Giovanniello
38. 921 Isaac Teasdale
39. 151 Dakota Tedder
40. 580 Bobby Tiso

Next up the series will head to Millville, Minnesota to take on Spring Creek. The Martin family owns the property which may give us the advantage of a little sibling showdown between Alex and Jeremy....I'm picking Alex.

-Kyle Pesci

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