Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Others...Reddddddd Buuuuuuuuud!

America, fireworks and privateers. Approaching the half way point of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships round 6 made it's stop in Buchanan, Michigan at the one and only RedBud. 

Photo: Kyle Pesci
One of my favorite races for many reasons, RedBud means the 4th of July. Fans spend up to 5 days at the Ritchie family property and this year celebrated the life of Gene Ritchie, not only the race founder but an icon of the sport. Racers come decked out in red, white and blue gear, graphics and helmets. 

Getting in the show starts early as riders look to turn fast times. Qualifying at RedBud meant you'd need to be in the 2:04's or better in the 450 class and 2:05's for the 250 class. The 250 A group practices were topped by Adam Cianciarulo and Alex Martin while the B groups had Carlen Gardner and Jarett Pesci atop the sessions. Eli Tomac and Christophe Pourcel took the top spots in the 450 A groups while Jerry Lorenz and Travis Sewell were the fastest of the 450 B riders. Ricky Renner would get in the show by winning the 450 consi race. Keith Tucker joined the 250 field with his consi win.

Rider: Jarett Pesci | Photo: Jim McMillan
The 250 class got a shake up in the 2nd moto when points leader Joey Savatgy hit the dirt hard and a 16th place moto finish would hand the red plate to Cooper Webb who'd go 1-1 on the day. Webb's Star Yamaha teammate, Alex Martin continues to make a statement this season and his 3-3 scores were consistent enough for 2nd overall. Zach Osborne has found speed at the front of the pack and would go 5-2 for 3rd overall. 

Racing in the 450 class is becoming same old same. Ken Roczen would go 1-1 on his RCH | Jimmy John's Suzuki. Eli Tomac got his Kawasaki out front and looked to challenge Roczen early but could only watch the Suzuki cruise away and would finish both motos and the day in 2nd. RedBud is a home coming for Broc Tickle. Coming off a solid finish last week he'd give the crowd and family something to cheer about going 4-3 for 3rd overall. I've got to mention Matt Bisceglia as he'd go 8-8 on the day and might just be the most consistent thing that's happened under the Factory Suzuki rig in a long time. 

Privateers making their mark was once again headed by Heath Harrison in the 450 class. Heath didn't even know if he'd be racing the number 99 KTM at RedBud after having his signup denied for being late and the class full. Trevor Tate is a rookie who has attempted to qualify at the last few rounds and he dropped to a 250 this week to allow Harrison his spot in the 450 class. Trevor missed making the show but Harrison would go 14-17 for 14th overall. Jesse Wentland put his Sean Robertson tuned RSR Honda in the top 20 of moto 2 with a 19th. Although the results don't show it, we were impressed with the 881 of Jerry Lorenz. He'd finish the day 34th overall but was moving forward inside the top 20 of moto 2 before his bike gave the ghost. In the 250 class Marshal Weltin and Nick Gaines found themselves inside the top 20 of each moto. Weltin going 17-15 while Gaines went 18-20 on his Traders Kawasaki. Luke Clout and Jackson Richardson would put in top 20 performances in the 2nd moto.

Rider: Heath Harrison | Photo: Bryon Eschenburg
And now...The Others.

20. 69 Colt Nochols
21. 73 Nick Gaines
22. 56 Jackson Richardsom
23. 84 Jimmy Albertson
24. 987 Matthew Babbitt
25. 61 Gannon Audette
26. 421 Vann Martin
27. 805 Carlen Gardner
28. 332 Jeremy Hand
29. 70 To y Archer
30. 677 Cody Williams
31. 904 Jarett Pesci
32. 125 Josh Mosiman
33. 174 Josh Osby
34. 813 Aaron Lampi
35. 659 Justin Freund
36. 39 Jordan Smith
37. 297 Henry Miller
38. 243 Joey Dalzell
39. 641 Keith Tucker
40. 451 Seth Ciccarelli

20. 53 Tyler Bowers 
21. 63 Jesse Wentland
22. 175 Paul Coates
23. 81 Jason Brooks
24. 230 Travis Sewell
25. 80 Zack Williams
26. 841 Jeff Walker
27. 95 Dustin Pipes
28. 314 Alex Ray
29. 11 Kyle Chisholm
30. 544 Morgan Burger
31. 88 Ronnie Stewart
32. 96 Noah Mcconahy
33. 399 Broc Peterson
34. 881 Jerry Lorenz III
35. 796 Mike Bidus
36. 158 Jacob Baumert
37. 270 Jacob Runkles
38. 133 Ricky Renner
39. 431 Travis Marsh
40. 292 Austin Howell

Next stop is the much anticipated return to Southwick. We will see how the Massachusetts sand plays into the championships.

-Kyle Pesci

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