Monday, June 20, 2016

The Others...High Point

Four rounds in to the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships and you'd think we'd start to kind of play out in our head who will finish where. High Point Raceway in Mount Morris, Pennsylvania proved to us why you can never get comfortable in motocross.

Photo: Chris Snider
The 450 class is Ken Roczen's to loose. The RCH Suzuki rider is in complete control of the championship. It's  beyond him where we look for someone to step up. Ryan Dungey is out with injury and we'd look to see who'd  challenge for the spot left open. Jason Anderson would be consistent and his 3-3 scores would put him 2nd overall. KTM's Marvin Musquin went 2-4 for 3rd. While in the 250 class the overall finishes were a little more complicated. Zach Osborne got his 1st career win in moto one but 4th in the 2nd moto put him on the second step of the podium. The top step would go to those same moto scores, just in favor to Pro Circuit's Joey Savatgy. Cooper Webb would be one of the only Star Yamaha's to not DNF a moto and his 3-5 scores were good enough for 3rd overall.

Not so hot. At this point in the series I'm ruling out jitters and testing issues. The number 44 of Adam Cianciarulo has been a huge disappointment to me this season. He'd holeshot and lead early in moto 2 but would go 10-11 for 10th overall. Hell, he was beat by both the Martin brothers who each sustained a DNF moto finish on the day. Get it together AC. Also Luke Renzland. This guy is capable of top tens yet has failed to even score points in 4 of the 8 motos thus far. The 4 that he did score points, weren't pretty. Renzland is currently 23rd in the 250 standings.

Surprised? Justin Bogle had his most consistent week with a 7th overall after 6-7 motos. Alex Martin is for real and that first moto mechanical DNF really pissed me off! Alex has finished 2nd in 5 of 8 motos and is currently the better Martin brother in championship points. Did you hear the sound of that 125 2-stroke? Gared Steinke went 20-24 for 23rd overall. That's right a dude on a 125 scored a point in the 250 class! Congrats Gared.

Privateers doing work. In the 450 class we've got to give it up to Heath Harrison and Austin Howell who'd each crack the top 20 in one of their motos. Also the number 63 RSR Honda of Jesse Wentland and the 96 JMC Husqvarna ride of Noah Mcconahy would top 20 both motos. In the 250 class Marshal Weltin returned from injury on his number 89 to score points in both motos at his first race of the season. Number 492 Luke Clout would accomplish the same feat.

Rider: Luke Clout | Photo: Connor Moore

And now...The Others

20. 492 Luke Clout
21. 73 Nick Gaines
22. 174 Josh Osby
23. 726 Jared Steinke
24. 297 Henry Miller
25. 677 Cody Williams
26. 570 Cody VanBuskirk
27. 332 Jeremy Hand
28. 61 Gannon Audette
29. 84 Jimmy Albertson
30. 56 Jackson Richardson
31. 125 Josh Mosiman
32. 46 Luke Renzland
33. 421 Vann Martin
34. 230 Travis Sewell
35. 975 Jake Loberg
36. 987 Matthew Babbit
37. 350 Roland Beck Jr
38. 593 Martin Castelo
39. 97 Tevin Tapia
40. 902 Killian Auberson

20. 11 Kyle Chisholm
21. 292 Austin Howell
22. 99 Heath Harrison
23. 80 Zack Williams
24. 881 Jerry Lorenz III
25. 309 Jeremy Smith
26. 938 Carson Tickle
27. 95 Dustin Pipes
28. 356 Daniel Lippman
29. 83 Daniel Herrlein
30. 841 Jeff Walker
31. 270 Jacob Runkles
32. 52Ben LaMay
33. 535 Joey Peters
34. 219 Shane Sewell
35. 578 Dakota Yohe
36. 265 Nick Fratz-Orr
37. 581 Kyle Bitterman
38. 70 Tony Archer
39. 33 Josh Grant
40. 81 Jason Brooks

Next week the series heads to the Tennessee heat at Muddy Creek for round 5. Can Eli Tomac win a moto and will a Yamaha regain the top step of the 250 class?

-Kyle Pesci

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