Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Others...Hangtown.

A perfect day in the California overcast sky. As the clouds came and went through Hangtown during round number one of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. Two riders would have perfect days of their own and set the bar for the summer.

Racing in both classes was awesome. I expected a little more from Kawasaki's Eli Tomac and was very impressed by Blake Baggett's ride in both motos and the heart he showed finishing moto 2 with a broken collarbone. I also expected more from 250 rookie Austin Forkner, however a top 10 debut is pretty solid. What I did expect was a DNF from James Stewart. I'm truly saddened by the fact that he can't even finish races anymore. Can he get it together? 

I'm a huge Joey Savatgy fan but must admit his 1-1 performance in the 250 class surprised me. He might be on a mission to prove that the supercross championship slipping away really motivated him. Alex Martin got on the box with 8-2 scores for 2nd overall. Martin's Yamaha teammate Cooper Webb took 3rd with 4-5 motos. The 450 class gave us another 1-1 performance. RCH Suzuki rider Ken Roczen looked strong and may be the guy to beat in the long haul of the series. He came on strong at the end of supercross and is probably the guy on the track who could be his own worst enemy. We will see how consistent he can remain. Speaking of consistency, Ryan Dungey went 2-2 and will be a podium threat every round. Kawasaki rider Eli Tomac went 4-4 for the 3rd and final podium spot.

Rider: Joey Savatgy  Photo: Tyler Sumrall
Privateers are used to fighting for their spot in the show. Just qualifying for a pro national is an unreal accomplishment. With the deep talent pool in both classes, privateers will have to put together 2 strong motos to crack the top 20. In the 450 class, Noah Mcconahy would go 16-36 for 21st overall after a second moto crash took him out of another top 20 overall performance. The 250 class is so stacked. Dillan Epstein's 31-21 scores put him 24th overall and the top privateer in his class.

This week I've got to give it up to a rookie. Josh Mosiman showed up on his HD Supply Husqvarna and made the show. He'd go 29-26 for 28th overall in the 250 class and I look for those results to better every week as Josh gets comfortable in the pro ranks. 

Rider: Josh  Mosiman  Photo: Spencer Owens

And now... The Others.

20. 46 Luke Renzland
21. 40 Kyle Peters
22. 48 Anthony Rodriguez 
23. 30 Shane McElrath
24. 188 Dillan Epstein
25. 97 Tevin Tapia
26. 92 Ryan Breece
27. 84 Jimmy Albertson
28. 125 Josh Mosiman
29. 381 Kinser Endicott
30. 56 Jackson Richardson
31. 388 Brandan Leith
32. 49 Martin Davalos
33. 421 Van Martin
34. 492 Luke Clout
35. 660 Stone Edler
36. 726 Gared Steinke
37. 203 Zac Commans
38. 987 Matthew Babbitt
39. 174 Josh Osby
40. 61 Gannon Audette

20. 10 Justin Brayton
21. 96 Noah Mcconahy
22. 76 Scott Champion
23. 47 Tommy Hahn
24. 81 Jason Brooks
25. 718 Toshiki Tomita
26. 90 John Short
27. 292 Austin Howell
28. 551 Jeremy Byrne
29. 805 Carken Gardner
30. 95 Dustin Pipes
31. 123 Kevin Rookstool
32. 482 Riley Brough
33. 63 Jesse Wentland
34. 723 Tyler Enticknap
35. 909 Jacob Smith
36. 11 Kyle Chisholm
37. 294 David Gassin
38. 252 Kevin Weisbruch
39. 88 Ronnie Stewart
40. 7 James Stewart

The series stays in California for round 2 and heads to Glen Helen. Riders will have one race week under their belts and have outdoor settings a little more dialed. The racing should be interesting.

-Kyle Pesci

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