Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Others...Indy.

City of speed. It seems as though anything with a motor is at home in Indianapolis, Indiana. Round 13 of Monster Energy Supercross bundled up for the cold and invaded Lucas Oil Stadium. 

Photo: Jenny Ludowese
I was reminded of my youth as teams went retro this weekend. Yamaha's were yellow and gear was pink! I love races like this, maybe only bested by military appreciation. Seeing teams get involved in events like this really lightens the mood in the pits and gives the fans a unique look at what teams are capable of with bike and gear setups.

This may have been the most chaotic, intense, technical and suspenseful round of the season thus far. The 250 class gave us a first time winner and crushed a few championship dreams. The 450 main event may go down as the best racing we've seen this season and again we didn't see the number 7 of James Stewart.

The Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey battle for the 450 win had the entire stadium on the edge of their seats. Both riders made mistakes that allowed the other to capitalize but it'd be KTM's Ryan Dungey who made it stick when it counted. Husqvarna's Jason Anderson would work his way from a poor start to a 3rd place finish. 

The 250 holeshot would go to Gannon Audette. Making the most of his new Pro Circuit ride, he'd shuffle around from 1st to 6th but would cross the line in 3rd when the checkers flew. Yamaha rider Aaron Plessinger got out front early and never looked back. As carnage happened behind the number 23, Plessinger used the last lap to enjoy his first career main event win. Geico Honda backed Malcolm Stewart came in to Indy with the red plate and for the first time this season the same rider is leaving with it. Stewart finished 2nd and celebrated Plessinger's win. 

Five rounds in to the 250 East Championship we've seen Martin Davalos, Jeremy Martin, Justin Hill, Malcolm Stewart and now Aaron Plessinger take the checkered flag. We've also seen all of these riders but one have championship shattering performances this season. Davalos stayed home from Toronto and hit the dirt this week in Indy. Jeremy Martin struggled in Detroit and things got worse this week after snapping the bars off his bike while moving forward. Justin Hill had a practice crash in Detroit that has sidelined him through this Indy. This 250 class has been chaos and Stewart seems to be in control with a 10 point lead.

Circle City Privateers. Cedric Soubeyras, Paul Coates, Daniel Herrlein, Anthony Rodriguez, Henry Miller, Levi Killbarger, Justin Starling and Jacob Williamson had 250 main event performances. The 450 main event would see Cade Clason, Nick Schmidt, Tony Archer and Jeff Alessi. I've got to give it up to the guys of the Trader's Kawasaki team who put all 3 of their riders into the main events.

At this time last year the number 297 of Henry Miller was racing as an amateur. He raced Arenacross to gain his Supercross license points and would put his Honda in the 250 main event in Indy. He'd ride to a 16th place finish and gain his first points as a professional. Congrats Henry and this week we #cheerprivateer for you.

Henry Miller navigates the Indianapolis whoops | Photo: Jenny Ludowese

And now...The Others

5. 740 Lane Staley
6. 421 Vann Martin
7. 519 Josh Cartwright
8. 795 Aaron Leininger
9. 336 ChazBraden
10. 653 Tyler Bereman
11. 151 Dakota Tedder 
12. 155 Drayke Sizemore
13. 885 Matthew Weakley
14. 547 Zachary Bishop
15. 703 Justin Rando
16. 284 Cody Church
17. 593 Martin Castelo
18. 746 Chase Stevenson
19. 931 Gradie Featherstone
20. 195 Keaton Ward
21. 558 Dylan Slusser
22. 63 Jesse Wentland

5. 314 Alex Ray
6. 86 AJ Catanzaro
7. 99 Heath Harrison
8. 723 Tyler Enticknap
9. 291 Kyle White
10. 282 Bubba Pauli
11. 385 Adam Gulley
12. 509 Alex Nagy
13. 501 Scotty Wennerstrom
14. 713 Chad Cook
15. 386 Aaron Gulley
16. 252 Kevin Weisbruch
17. 976 Josh Greco
18. 708 Joe Perron
19. 792 Bracken Hall
20. 918 Michael Akaydin
21. 133 Ricky Renner
22. 95 Dustin Pipes

A couple unique daytime races are coming up in St. Louis and and Foxborough as the season approaches its end. The championships aren't over, but it's almost too late for some to make their moves. 

-Kyle Pesci

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