Monday, March 21, 2016

The Others...Detroit.

Known as the staple of the auto industry Detroit, Michigan is the Motor City. Factories and buildings that are rejuvenating a downtown area. Ford Field is normally the home of NFL team the Detroit Lions, on Saturday night it became the stomping grounds for Monster Energy Supercross.
This series keeps you on your toes. The 250 class gave us a new winner for the fourth time in four rounds. Not only that, Malcolm Stewart's win in Detroit made him the fourth points leader in the series so far. Yamaha's Jeremy Martin would loose the the red plate after finishing a lap down. Stewart would celebrate his win in his older brothers fashion by busting out some dance moves just after the checkered flag. He be joined on the podium by Star Racing Yamaha's Aaron Plessinger and Troy Lee Designs/RedBull/KTM rider Shane McElrath.

Euro dominance in the 450 class. The opening laps of the 450 main had KTM running 1, 2 and 3 and their partner company Husqvarna sitting in fourth. As laps clicked off the Husky of Jason Anderson moved forward and would work his way to second. Marvin Musquin would have a last lap tip over that put him from second to third and when the checkers flew it'd be RedBull KTM rider Ryan Dungey who got their first. Being to the line first didn't mean Dungey was the winner. Another flag flew long before the checkers. You can't jump on a Red Cross flag, Dungey did and that got him docked 2 spots in the final results and handed the win to Jason Anderson. 

For the second week in a row we saw multiple flat tires. Both Just Brayton and Blake Baggett would have to come in to the pits for tire swaps. It may be due to the rocks that work themselves out of the east coast soil. I personally thought the Detroit track layout was one of the best. It offered fast sections and good passing opportunities. Plus who doesn't love the section that goes up in the stands? I'd like for it to go up even further like the old Pontiac Silverdome days that took it to the concourse of the first level. 

Privateers shine! Nick Scmidt made yet another 450 main on his TPJ Suzuki and would be joined by the 374 of Cody Gilmore. Jeff Alessi would get in on his K1 Speed/BWR/SSi Honda and be joined by his team owner, Kyle White. White made his first career 450 main in Detroit and was spotted wearing a KCMX t-shirt during track walk! The 250 class was packed with privateers! Gannon Audette, Paul Coates and Jesse Wentland all cracked the top 10. Daniel Herrlein, Jacob Williamson (in just his 2nd SX ever), Dylan Slusser, Gradie Featherstone and Martin Castelo all put themselves in the main as well.
Kyle White after his first ever 450 main event
 Pits are tight and rider use the stadium basement to pit indoors and stay warm as the factory rigs flood the allies. Riders may be found in every corner of the indoor area. This year even the Pro Circuit team joined the privateers in the tight confines. 

I've got to give it up to two guys this week. Gannon Audette. This kid is the definition of privateer. His number 61 Kawasaki has been put through the ringer and you can find him in the pits working on his own bike or carrying all his stuff out of the stadium to laid up. Also, Kyle White made his first ever 450 main. Kyle is a guy who has really helped me push these blogs and has supported me along the way. I am extremely happy for the entire K1 Speed/BWR/SSi team. This was well overdue and deserved for a guy who puts in this much work and has such a big heart for the sport.
Gannon Audette loads up after a 6th in the 250 main.

And Now...The Others.

5. 195 Keaton Ward
6. 471 Logan Karnow
7. 547 Zachary Bishop
8. 297 Henry Miller
9. 284 Cody Church
10. 795 Aaron Leininger
11. 703 Justin Rando
12. 336 Chaz Braden
13. 619 Mark Weishaar 
14. 351 Eric Grondahl 
15. 421 Vann Martin
16. 881 Jerry Lorenz
17. 615 Logan Marzahn
18. 608 David Pulley
19. 389 David Sterritt
20. 90 John Short
21. 885 Mathew Weakley
22. 248 Travis Delnicki

5. 918 Michael Akaydin 
6. 95 Dustin Pipes
7. 86 AJ Catanzaro 
8. 713 Chad Cook
9. 80 Zack Williams
10. 976 Josh Greco
11. 868 Michael Docherty
12. 542 Johnnie Buller
13. 501 Scotty Wennerstrom
14. 133 Ricky Renner
15. 509 Alex Nagy
16. 731 Steven Roman
17. 447 Deven Raper
18. 761 Cade Clason
19. 70 Tony Archer
20. 466 Grant Ransdell
21. 548 Broc Schmelyun 
22. 314 Alex Ray

The riders will enjoy a week off to celebrate Easter before a long journey to Santa Clara, California.

-Kyle Pesci 

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