Friday, February 12, 2016

Privateer Proven...Race Tech.

Factory treatment is something all privateers have dreamed of. Mechanics, spotters, cooks, trainers and team techs can make the stress levels of a  factory riders day nearly disappear. 

Privateers are often overlooked and buried amongst the pits of a Monster Energy Supercross. One luxury that comes with being a privateer is the ability to choose and work with sponsors that are chosen by the rider and not a large team. This allows riders to build relationships and use products they know and trust. 

There is a company in the pits that seems to be chosen by many top privateers and has what may be the biggest responsibility in supercross, getting the motorcycle to handle.

Race Tech is an advocate for privateers and it shows in how they treat their riders. "Our goal is to always help them reach their goals." Seeing Race Tech stickers on a riders forks or engine not only means that rider runs their product, but chose Race Tech. A company that takes pride in their brand and making sure their riders have what they need to get to the next level. 

The K1 Speed/BWR machine of Cade Clason
2016 riders include Moto Concept's Mike Alessi, Vince Friese and Jeff Alessi, Cody Gilmore, Steven Mages, Cody Church, Jared Hicks, David Pulley, Dalton Holie, Brian Burns and the K1 Speed/BWR team of Cade Clason, Kyle White and Brice Klippel.

Being successful as a privateer often means graduating to a factory team. Race Tech has seen riders like Chris Blose, Ben Lamay and Brandon Scharer take advantage of these opportunities. They stress that riders with these types of obligations will always have a home at Race Tech.

Riders who chose Race Tech get that factory treatment from Rob Brown (Head of R&D) and Wyatt Scott (Trackside Support). These guys spend their weekends at the west coast rounds making sure that each privateer has every edge to compete with the factories. Having someone to check in and make sure the bike is handling to each riders specifications adds assurance to ones program. During east coast rounds the K1 Speed/ BWR team serves host to any Race Tech rider who may need help with parts or their setup. Riders are encouraged to stop by and see team owner Brian White with any Race Tech concerns.

Maybe the best part of Race Tech, all the parts used by the pros are available to the public. Whether it be 19mm shock shafts, Gold Valve kits, spring conversion kits or supercross setups for the KTM guys production WP 4CS forks, Race Tech has the highest quality products on a privateer budget.

Jeff Alessi takes time for some young fans.
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-Kyle Pesci

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