Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Matter of Time...Rockwell.

Travel, tech inspection, track walk, practice and racing. All things in professional supercross are on a strict time schedule. Late for any one of these things and you miss your shot. One company is making a big presence in the pits with not only their watches keeping you on time, but the rider under their rig making mains. 

Rockwell has become known for their training facilities owned and ran by Johnny Louch. A top tier gym for athletes in all disciplines. Although it was watches that gave Rockwell their start in 2007. Started by Rich Eggett and partnered with Carlos Nuno the company set out to make premium watches for the worlds greatest athletes. Extreme sports are their niche. Whether it be surf, skate, MMA, sky diving or motocross Rockwell is keeping athletes around the world on time.

Rich, Johnny and Carlos
When it comes to motocross, Rockwell Watches has made a few attempts with teams and supporting riders. Supported athletes have included names like Broc Tickle, Ken Roczen and Kyle Regal. They made a team presence with Killy Rusk and showed flashes last year in bringing back Nico Izzi on a Rockwell Yamaha. As Nico searches to find himself and deal with his issues, Rockwell was left with an open spot and an opportunity heading in to the 2016 Monster Energy Supercross season.

Insert Fredrik Noren, the Swede who came to America chasing his dreams and found a home at Factory Honda for a while. Wanting to stay on a Honda and compete in the 250 class limited Noren's options on a competitive team. That's when Rockwell stepped up and got the rig ready for the number 43. 

Known in the pits as "Fast Freddy" Noren has earned the keep of his nickname by making 4 of the 6 250 west main events so far this season. He's tied his season best from Anaheim 1 at Phoenix with a 14th and is currently 19th overall in the Monster Energy Supercross 250 West Championship. Unfortunately one of Noren's missed mains would come from a qualifying crash this past weekend in San Diego.

Fredrik Noren shows off the 43 inside the Rockwell rig.
The Rockwell rig has given not only a pit for Noren, but a chance for supercross fans to get hands on with Rockwell Watches and merchandise. The rig will be at all west rounds with Noren but fans on the east will have the same opportunity to see and learn about Rockwell by stopping by the Rockstar Racing display at all rounds. 

A Rockwell display in the Rockstar pit.
Rockwell is a brand that truly cares about the sport. The owners attend the races and take time to meet with fans and take input to better their brand. We ask that when you look at time pieces you remember the brands that support our sport and #cheerprivateer.

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-Kyle Pesci

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