Friday, January 29, 2016

Triple Threat...Chris Howell

If you walk deep in to the pits of a Monster Energy Supercross, past the factory rigs and in to the straggling fans among box vans and pickup trucks, you'll run in to a majority of the triple digit guys.

No factory support or long autograph lines, yet the same dreams and goals. After timed qualifying and getting in the show, eyes are set on main events. The 250 class is stacked with talent and has fewer opportunities than the premier 450 class. Riders in the 250 class get one heat race and an LCQ to get in or go home. 

After 3 of the 8 rounds in the 250 championship, only 29 riders have scored a point. Within the top 22 in points only 3 riders are triple digit guys. One is a Canadian Factory KTM rider. Another, a rookie on a factory team and the last is Spokane Valley, Washington's Chris Howell. Howell rides the number 222 JMC Motorsports/K1 Speed Husqvarna. 

Photo: Chris Ganz (browndogwilson)
Thriving on the competition, Howell is the only triple digit rider so far this season to earn points at all rounds. His season best was a 17th at San Diego and he says there's more in the tank. Looking for a top 10 finish before the season is over is a realistic goal. Howell has put his Husqvarna in to the main via a 7th place heat race and two transfers out of the LCQ, including a win at San Diego.

The 24 year old is strong in the whoops and and says making the main just brings an "excitement" to his program. He admits to struggling with the timed qualifying, but it's working so far. "I'm just a guy who likes to ride his dirt bike."

Like almost every privateer, Howell does it for the love of the sport and with a great support group. Influenced by his dad, who got him in to racing in 1995, he keeps his family close along with his girlfriend Kristine. A key part to Howell's program are Joel and Michelle from JMC Motorsports. "I can't thank them enough."

It takes a group of sponsors to keep Chris going. JMC Motorsports, K1 Speed, Husqvarna, Devol, Motul Oils, Future West Moto, Adrenaline Designs, Airway MXP, Alliance Steel, Allsport Dynamics, Art, Atlas Brace, Coldcock Whiskey, DT1 Filters, Dubya Wheels, DVS Shoes, Evans Coolant, EKS Brand Goggles, FLY, FMF, Fusion Graphix, Fusion Jerky, Guts Seats, HRMC, Huber Trailers, Lave Racing, Mika Metals,Motion Pro, MotoConcepts, Moto Stuff, Motool Slacker, Natures Bakery, Odi Grips, Pat Shields, Peters Hardware, Pro Pegs, Rekluse, RF Motorsports, Scholes Family Dental, Sole Footbeds and Socks, Stratus Wear, Streamline Levers, SunStar and The Man Shop.

Photo: Vital MX
Triple digit guys really are the heart of KCMX. Seeing guys like Chris succeed in this sport is a cool feeling. As they chase their dreams, getting in to a main event puts them as one of the top Supercross racers in the world. Chris Howell is 3 for 3 on main events so far this year. He is a triple digit, three 2's make up a triple threat.  

#cheerprivateer for triple digits, especially 222.

-Kyle Pesci

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