Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Others...Oakland.

Raider Nation turned in to a Monster Energy Supercross battlefield, as round 4 stormed through Oakland,California.

Photo: Jake Hamel (@jakehamel392)
Two things may be the hot topics of the 450 class. Can Ryan Dungey be stopped? And, what the hell is going on with James Stewart? 

Dungey dominated the night again. He'd when his heat race with ease and go wire to wire in the main event. His RedBull KTM teammate, Marvin Musquin would get his first podium of his 450 career with a 3rd. I'm happy for Marvin. I think he's been struggling a lot with a new class, his wrist injury and I personally think the mental effects of his brothers injury last year. Way to go Marvin! Ken Roczen's last race in Oakland ended with his RCH Suzuki in the wall and put a damper on the rest of his 2015 season. Ken got redemption by getting on the 2nd step of the podium, Saturday night. 

As for James Stewart, I'm a fan. He's changed this sport forever and love him or hate him he's always been fun to watch...until now. I'm not sure if it's the off time he had, injuries he's had or if his days of dominance are just over, but watching Stewart is almost painful. He just doesn't look right on the bike. He's gained noticeable weight and seems to really be struggling with the bike. Saturday in Oakland seemed like he just quit. He went backwards and quit, throwing his googles on his way out of the stadium. I really hope we see the old JS7 soon! 

Star Racing Yamaha's Cooper Webb has proven that the 250 class is his and the only person who can beat Webb, is himself. Coop dominated the night through lap 12 of the main event, then the bike just quit. With that he'd not only lose the event, but the points lead to Monster Energy/Pro Circuit rider Joey Savatgy. Savatgy claimed his first career win and will head in to Phoenix with the red plate. Colt Nichols rode impressive  on his Cycle Trader Yamaha. His 2nd place finish was a career best and first podium. Christian Craig would put his Geico Honda ride on the last step of the podium.

Last year Michael Leib would sustain a severe leg injury in Oakland that would put him out for the rest of the season and jeopardize the rest of his career. Michael might be one of the most physically fit guys in the pits and his work ethic has put him back on the gate in 2016 with the Blue Buffalo/Slater team. He's made 3 of 4 mains this season and would get a season best 7th.

Photo: Chris Ganz (browndogwilson) 
The Rocky Mountain Honda normally ridden by Kyle Chisholm was freed up due to Kyle's injury and The 7 Deuce Deuce, Adam Enticknap would get the call to fill in on the team. He'd make good on the new ride by making his first main of the season. These are the chances privateers wait for and Enticknap would capitalize. 

Photo: Dave Deringer
And now...The Others.

5. 212 Chase Marquier
6. 792 Bracken Hall
7. 68 Cole Martinez
8. 252 Kevin Weisbruch
9. 96 Noah McConahy
10. 321 Bradley Lionnet
11. 275 Johnny Jelderda
12. 820 Dalton Oxborrow
13. 715 Kale Russell
14. 460 Jake Mohnike
15. 388 Brandan Leith
16. 642 Nick Kouwenberg
17. 222 Chris Howell
18. 138 Blake Lilly
19. 448 Broc Shoemaker
20. 65 Zach Bell
21. 87 Austin Poletelli
22. 732 Steven Mages

5. 47 Tommy Hahn
6. 447 Deven Raper
7. 151 Dakota Tedder
8. 314 Alex Ray
9. 509 Alex Nagy
10. 801 Jeff Alessi
11. 918 Michael Akaydin
12. 282 Bubba Pauli
13. 713 Chad Cook
14. 542 Johnnie Buller
15. 240 Bryce Stewart
16. 251 Kyle Gills
17. 192 Beni Williams
18. 619 Mark Weishaar
19. 247 Teddy Parks
20. 422 Philipp Klakow
21. 571 Shawn Yarbrough
22. 291 Kyle White


-Kyle Pesci

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