Saturday, January 2, 2016

Foreign Ground...Bryce Stewart.

There is nothing that simulates a race situation. Preparation and the readiness of a rider comes from the experiences after the gate drop.

Bryce Stewart has been capitalizing on his "offseason" as he prepares to make a full time run at the 450 class of Monster Energy Supercross. The number 240 Yamaha will be pitting out of the ASV box van and being tuned by Dan Crower. "We're going to have a professional setup and display." 

The down time in American series' gives riders a chance to travel abroad and test their skills around the world. Bryce would travel with friend, David Pulley to race supercross in India. Having American pros attend their series is a big deal and Bryce would be treated like a star. He'd be supplied a bike and given factory treatment. The crowds loved Bryce's speed and style and he'd do the proud by capturing the win at the Pune round.

Traveling home with hardware from India.
The experience of racing overseas has him anxious to return to racing on foreign soil. Bryce may return as soon as this summer, hoping that plans to race in Dubai will work out.  

For now you will find Bryce putting in work at tracks surrounding his California home with former factory racer, Mike Craig and in the gym with Charles Dao of Icon Sports. Bryce will be ready for the series start in Anaheim. "I'm just enjoying each day, having fun and staying loose." Hoping that being a main event threat in 2016 will mean his last year as a triple digit guy. 

Mike Craig overlooks the 240 machine.
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