Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Making it Happen...Josh Greco.

Where there is a will, there is a way. The biggest struggle to a privateer is most likely budgeting. Where will the funds to go racing come from and just how far will a dollar stretch? 

What comes easy to most is trying to make money in the industry they love. Using their skills off the bike to fund their race program and making the dream of racing not only a reality, but affordable.

One rider who has been putting in the work to not only go racing, run a business and even get other riders to the races is a guy from the high desert of Hesperia, California by the name of Josh Greco. 

Photo: Diffysmooth
Josh turned pro in 2009 and has shown flashes of what his capabilities are. He has scored as high as 13th in a 250 west coast main event. After sitting out the 2015 season, Josh and his number 976 machine made a return to racing at the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas. 

As for the privateer life, "it's not fancy, but it's exciting." Josh's return at the Monster Energy Cup was last minute and the definition of privateer. Josh got the invite while in Tennessee and would drive straight to  Vegas in a buddies pickup truck. He made the trip to prove to himself he is ready to race and felt he owed it to his sponsors. He is now looking forward to A1 and the feeling of kicking off supercross close to his hometown. 

Josh is a rider who seems to adapt fast and really enjoys the technical aspect of supercross. "I've been told I'm a better motocross rider." He says he catches himself riding a little more over his head in the outdoors. If Josh can get his starts dialed in, he may have some solid finishes during the 2016 season. 

We mentioned funding the program. Josh has an idea for that. He has started a company, Privateer Graphics. Money raised printing anything from trailer stickers, graphics and even jersey printing will go directly towards his race efforts. He's not stopping there. Josh has been renovating a van to haul approximately 5 bikes to rounds of the Monster Energy Supercross Series. This will also serve as his hotel during his journey. 

Photo: Diffysmooth
Josh is one of those riders who really enjoys the interaction with the fans. "I race because I have fun doing it." It's the atmosphere and feeling he gets while riding in front of a stadium full of fans that drives Josh. He lights up when he signs an autograph or gives a little kid a high five. He thrives off of giving us fans the show we pay for. 

Sponsored by Chill, Just 1, Leatt, Scott Goggles, Crushed MX, No Toil, Works Connection, Spoke Skins, Motoseat, Moto Tape, Fuel Clothing, Flo Motorsports, Privateer Graphics, Evans Coolant, FCA Motocross. Companies that Josh is honored to be a part of and credits for having the success he has seen. 

Josh Greco we #cheerprivateer for you and a true privateer effort.

Follow Josh on Instagram: @ Greco976 and @Privateergraphics

Contact Josh if your interested in helping his program, need a jersey printed or just want to meet up for some Chipotle.

-Kyle Pesci

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