Monday, November 2, 2015

No Bad Days...Heath Harrison.

Is your job rewarding? What makes it all worth it? Being on the road for nights on end or spending weeks away from home is a typical lifestyle for a privateer trying to make a name in the sport. A reward for busting your ass all season, showing consistency and gritting it out all year with the best of the best is as simple as a two digit number.

Silverhill, Alabama's Heath Harrison is a rider who knows all about the work that goes in to gaining a double digit. He's been there. In 2011, Heath would earn his first double digit number as a professional, but getting a number is just as hard as keeping a number. 

Heath Harrison gets in some practice at Michigan's Baja Acres | Photo: Jim McMillan
The now 22 year old turned pro in 2010 and has used his "no bad days" attitude to regain his position as a known privateer. Although the number 224 Kawasaki rider considers Supercross his weak point on the bike, he still managed to make the main this past season in Detroit. He also loves the outdoor feel of Daytona. "A hard working young man, striving to be the best!" Heath would come in to his own as the racing took to the outdoors of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships. After scoring points in 5 motos throughout the season, Heath would finish 39th overall in points. His best finish would be a 17th that came from moto 1 of the Spring Creek National.

Heath has been rewarded for his hard work. Hard work that he puts in with help from the guys of Frankfit Canada. Heath does not use a training facility but his intense routine has earned him a new number for 2016, number 99. It's two digits that make up a number of blood, sweat and tears. Something that Heath says wouldn't  be possible without his family, Wiley and Weston from back home and the Murphy Family. 

Harrison attacks a supercross section. | Photo: Diffysmooth

Having to pay for a majority of your own stuff and not getting paid a salary is tough, but it's what makes you a privateer. "I wish I could say I do it for the money, but that's not the case." Heath just loves riding his motorcycle. He does get help from some great sponsors: Got Gear Motorsports, Murphy Clearing and Grading, Earth Pro Surveying, One Industries, Six Six One, Scott Goggles, FMF, Rad Mfg., Acerbis, Joe Moto Racing, No Toil, Pro Taper, Henrych Clothing, Frankfit Canada, Woodhull Construction and Roost MX.

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Seeing a privateer achieve their goals and accomplish something as meaningful as a double digit number is the reason we #cheerprivateer. 

Congrats #99.

Picking a gate at RedBud. | Photo: Diffysmooth

-Kyle Pesci

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