Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Motivation...Logan Pfleiderer.

It's not if you'll get hurt, but when you'll get hurt. A phrase that most motocross racers have heard and dealt with. Racing at the highest level of the sport often brings a higher risk. Supercross is a game of inches and precise calculation. Outdoor tracks have huge jumps and raw speed. It doesn't happen often, as pros are at the top of their game, but when that one mistake is made it can be detrimental to a career.

Insert Logan Pfleiderer. Pronounced Flyder, the 23 year old from Galion, Ohio got his first taste of racing at a young age, but it wouldn't be as a racer. He lived next to a local track named Sunset Ramblers. Watching guys like Jeff Gibson and Zach Ames only fueled the fire to have a bike of his own. Like most 8 year olds, Logan played baseball. While his teammates were into the game, he spotted an old Yamaha PW80 sitting behind a garage. The owner would later give him the non running bike and once Logan's grandpa got it running, a racer was born.

Awaiting his turn.
An amateur career that included 2 consecutive trips to Loretta Lynn's in the College Boy, Open Pro Sport and 250A classes. A graduating class that included names like Jacob Hayes, Tyler Bereman, Jessy Nelson, Kyle Peters and Justin Bogle is quite a list to be on. 

Logan would get his first taste of professional racing during the 2012 Amsoil Arenacross series. He'd go on to finish 6th overall in lites class points. Fast forward to 2015 and Logan would split his time between the Monster Energy Supercross and  the Amsoil Arenacross schedules. Joining the Thermo Tec/Cool It/FMC Yamaha team for 4 rounds of Arenacross. Logan would record an LCQ win and a season best 9th place main event finish before heading back to Supercross with continued support from Thermo Tec. He'd go on to make 3 night shows in the big stadiums and just miss making the main at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Juggling the sport he loves with a full time job that works him over 50 hours a week normally means little to no riding between rounds and fitting in late night workouts. Logan does not use a training facility but does have his own track to ride if the sun is still up or while home on weekends.

As cold weather rolls into the Mid East, privateers try to get as much seat time in as possible. Some will head south or west just as the weather makes tracks unrideable and others will make their final prep for the 2016 season when the snow flies. Logan took advantage of a good November day for riding and headed to former pro, Broc Sellards house to dial in his supercross skills. It'd be that day where his season and possibly career would be put in question. "I came up short on a triple and endoed into the landing, breaking my wrist." Bones in Logan's wrist were shattered including his scaphoid and a lunate fracture. Serious surgery was needed for repair. "They told me they'd be happy if I could use all my fingers properly again." Just a couple weeks out of surgery and Logan is feeling ahead of schedule. 

Focus. Photo: Diffysmooth
Motivation. "I will be back for sure!" Logan is surrounded by family, friends, his girlfriend and buddy Brett who all believe in his return. "I've worked hard to get where I am today." Not willing to give up, he will be back using his technical style and chasing the dream. "Nothing will ever compare to opening ceremonies in a football stadium and being one of the guys the fans are watching." Being a privateer and racing out of a van with his buddy Brett McIntyre by his side is something Logan really enjoys. He can't get enough of the fans and their support. He will take it day by day, but his day will come.

Racing is a huge part of Logan's life and is made possible with the help of his sponsors: DH1 Motors, TZR Racing, Link MX Graphics, FLY Racing, H&P Racing, Scott Goggles, Moto Tape, J&F Construction, Matt Feasel at WPS and of course his family.

For the fans. Photo: Diffysmooth
The injury allows for some time to not only recover and take a break from his strict routine, but also a chance to enjoy some pizza. Get well soon 824.

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We #cheerprivateer for the 824.

-Kyle Pesci

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