Thursday, October 1, 2015


Are you racing local races? The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series is over, so we sit and wait for Monster Energy Supercross. What is their for a privateer to do in their free time? 

Local tracks are running pro ams and money motos. A chance for privateers to get in some off season gate drops, race the local tracks they grew up racing and more importantly win some money that may help support their professional program.

It always upsets me when Monday morning Facebook statuses are ragging on the privateer who showed up and took all the local "A" class guys money. The pros need to stick to pro races and calling a privateer who can qualify for a pro national a sandbagger because they showed up at a local race. 

So once you qualify for a  round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship or a Monster Energy Supercross, you can never race locally again? 

Without some of these races, some privateers may not be able to make any money racing.

So when they were riding around in 30th you thought they sucked, but now that they just kicked your ass, they are sandbagging.

Why is it that a pro looses their right to race any event other than a professional series race? Maybe them showing up and racing the "A" class is an eye opener of what it takes to race at the next level. Maybe it's their dedication and work ethic that has made them thrive for the speed they contain.

Here's the thing, somewhere out there, there is someone faster than you. I don't care who you are, someone can and will beat you eventually. It's one thing I really liked about Ricky Carmichael, he never made excuses. Ricky was the first to admit that another rider just had a better day. Class act.

There are rules and guidelines for classes. You willing decide to sign up for a money moto or the "A" class. There is money on the line. If a racer is in an eligible class, you have no reason to complain. 

Even at Loretta Lynn's there are classes that do not allow past pros or point scoring pros. Pay attention to the class you sign up for and if there is money on the line, prepare to get your ass kicked.

-Kyle Pesci 

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