Monday, October 5, 2015

For the fun of it...Brett Cue.

In a stacked 250 class, Do you watch the guys who are right on the bubble of qualifying? Do you know their names? Did you notice the number 720 Honda? Who was this guy who missed qualifying at Washougal by just 4 seconds? 

What if I told you that you are probably a huge fan of his? You've probably watched many videos where he's the star and catching his own tearoffs, before they can hit the ground. 

The number 720 is not how you know him. But you've watched the commercial where he has Washougal all to himself and is making a two stroke sing. Know this rider yet?

Brett Cue. You know him as number 365 and a guy who can throw a whip that is on fleek.

Photo: Dayton Daft

Number 365 has stuck with Brett since his days as an amateur, assigned the number in 2002 at the World Mini GP. "I really didn't have a number that I stuck with until then and I thought it looked cool." As an amateur Brett spent 5 years racing at Loretta Lynn's in 8 different classes. His last trip to the ranch would be in 2009, where he'd race against guys like Dustin Pipes, Shane Durham, Heath Harrison and Malcolm Stewart. A highlight of his comes as amateur racing at Branson and winning the 450B class against Ryan Dungey. Brett asked if this counted as a career highlight, sounds like one to me! 

The now 28 year old from Enid, Oklahoma began riding at 10 years old. Kind of a late start in this sport. Just a few years ago he was building pools and is now very grateful to be earning a living on a dirt bike.

Brett is one of those guys who makes riding a dirt bike fun every time he throws a leg over his Honda. "If I'm not having fun, there's no reason to be out there." Although he does admit to having his struggles. His toughest of them being the mental aspect of the sport. "I find myself in a contest with guys who are so accomplished and wonder why in the world I'm allowed in there with them."  As a racer he feels he has those days where he can go as fast as he wants and then days that he just can't do anything right.

Style. If given one word to describe Brett Cue, that has got to be it. His comfort on a bike comes from seat time. When his riding buddies call it a day, it's not abnormal to see the 365 keep riding and riding and riding. "I feel like seat time on the bike is the biggest thing for me."

Brett loves racing and says "I may not be the best at it, but I love it." He laughs at his possible expectations. "The bummer is that when everyone sees how good the video guys make me look, they expect me to be fast enough to win a national."

Although he has many great sponsors he still has that pressure of a privateer watching the times and dreaming of being on the gate for a pro national. "It defines a rider who has gathered his own limited support from companies or individuals to make a childhood dream come true."

When Brett is not racing, free riding or just throwing huge whips, he is putting in a 9-to-5 for as the Brand Ambassador and running their amateur support program. 

Another project of his has been the Ride365 motocross gear. Gear worn by riders on the supercross team in 2015. Something that Brett has been working on with Dayton Daft from Motosport for well over a year now. Knowing that it's a long process and tough market, but hoping to make the gear available to the public one day. For now he is having a lot of fun with it along with having say in the look and fit of the gear he wears. 

Photo: Dayton Daft

"Don't judge a book by its cover." Brett Cue considers himself just a dork who likes to fish. He works on all of his own stuff, enjoying working on his bikes while most people dread it. With all his style, he's just a down to earth guy who looks up to his dad, loved the racing of Guy Cooper and the finesse of Kevin Windham. Supported by his girlfriend Chloe. Grateful for the people his dirt bike has brought in to his life and the places the sport has taken him. However it may be us that are grateful to watch the style this guy has on a bike. We dream of the whips Brett throws.

Brett has been making a run at X Games Best Whip. We hope to see him showing what he's got on ESPN. He does belong on that list. We also pull for him to get on another list. A list of 40. Brett does have the speed to belong on the gate at a round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

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Pay attention to the guys on the bubble. You never know who's back there fighting to get in to a pro national. Racing for little if any money. Racing to fulfill a dream. 

"It won't last forever, so I want to make it count while it's here!"

#cheerprivateer for Brett Cue.

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Photo: Dayton Daft

-Kyle Pesci

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