Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Social media is the number one way for fans to interact with their favorite riders. Privateers of moto have made my hashtag take off, cheer privateer or better known as #cheerprivateer is something I feel can draw attention to racers and make an easy search to find your favorite non factory guy via Instagram or Facebook. Please use the hashtag when you post photos of your favorite privateer.

My #cheerprivateer section on this blog will be a quick rundown of what I see through my Instagram, @killercustomz.

@BWILLIAMS192 (Beni Williams) posted some shots in his new Skillz Racing gear

@jarett904 (Jarett Pesci) shares a pic of his character from MX vs, ATV Encore.

@jarrydmcneil (Jarryd McNeil) sat down with me at the Detroit Nitro Circus and talked about his racing as a privateer.

@noahmcconahy (Noah McConahy) is making the switch to a Husqvarna for 2016.

@bklippel914 (Brice Klippel) has his 250 ready for Supercross.

@aray314 (Alex Ray) had a get off this week that left him with a broken hand, but he was looking good before the crash and should come back strong, in new gear for 2016.

@bubbapauli (Bubba Pauli) is back on the bike after an injury and is preparing for 2016 Supercross.

@therealdp608 (David Pulley) stickered up a sweet carbon Just1 helmet with a KC Star.

Keep an eye on social media for good behind the scenes photos. Privateers post the best stuff and remember to #cheerprivateer

-Kyle Pesci

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