Wednesday, September 23, 2015

In Style...Eric Grondahl.

Looking good is half the battle, right? The phrase for your gear setup has been all the talk. Your pants, jersey, gloves and helmets can give the rider a sort of expression on the bike. Lately it's been all about your "kit." Bold colors and good style can help draw attention to any caliber of rider. If your kit is looking good, then it's bound to be a good day.

One company has been making a big push that all started a few years ago with the Geico Honda team. Their kits are on point. The company is Alias and one reason the gear might look so good  is because of privateer Eric Grondahl.

Photo: Diffysmooth

Eric's dad is the owner at Alias as well as being involved in a few other things. This has allowed Eric to pursue more than just one dream. When he's not designing gear for some of the fastest racers in the world, Eric is holding his own on the track too. 

In just his first year as a professional, Eric was able to qualify for his first 6 Monster Energy Supercross races and then qualify for 4 rounds of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships. The number 351 would be on the gate at Glen Helen, Thunder Valley, RedBud and Unadilla. He'd qualify 23rd fastest at RedBud and put in his best finish of 30th in moto 2 at Unadilla. Proving that he had the speed to not just design gear for the best, but to be one of them as well. "TV does our sport no justice of how tough it actually is. Outdoors, there is not one smooth line throughout the whole track. It's insane."

Photo: Diffysmooth

The 20 year old from Portsmouth, New Hampshire is already looking forward to being back in the stadiums of supercross. Eric admits his struggles with the 1st lap of the race and high speeds of the outdoors need work, but knows his consistency and technical abilities will be an advantage under the lights supercross. 

I met Eric last year as he was preparing for supercross by racing the Amsoil Arenacross in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Arenacross is mandatory now for a racer to earn their pro license and although it's still a lot different than being in the big stadiums, Eric knows it prepared him for the big show. "After I raced my first supercross I was like okay, that helped me out a lot coming into this." He wasn't sure it'd have as much impact as it did.

Photo: Kyle Pesci

If there are things Eric feels he needs to work on, he definitely has the place to do it. The Grondahl's bought Florida property off of Ryan Villopoto and have transformed it in to a mega training grounds, known as The Nest. Eric trains with Tim Ferry along with RJ Hampshire, Hayden Mellross and Martin Davalos. Mix in Eric's buddies Payton Stevenson, Keith Persson and Ken Roczen. It'd seem he has surrounded himself with the people to better him as a racer. "I race for the love of the sport."

Sponsored by Alias, Factory Connection, MGX Unlimited, Arma Energy, SPY, 6D Helmets, Motorbikes Plus, Ethika, Dunlop, FMF, Tagger Designs and BTO Sports.

"It's a tough sport. Very, very tough." Eric is enjoying success on both sides of the industry. He has goals of getting near the top 10 in supercross and scoring some points in motocross. Very realistic goals for Eric. After racing though, he plans on keeping your kit looking factory. Plan on seeing his design work for years to come, but in the very near future just keep your eyes open for the 351 sporting the latest styles himself. 

Photo: Diffysmooth

Eric would like to give a special thanks to his parents, his mechanic Payton, girlfriend Brittany and Bruce Marada at Alias.

#cheerprivateer for Eric Grondahl. 

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-Kyle Pesci

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