Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hometown Superhero.

The kids we know, play in dirt. They have toy motorcycles and dream of being a motocrosser as they jump them from couch cushion to coffee table. The only other thing that may get their attention is their favorite superhero. Be it Iron Man, Wolverine, Black Widow or Captain America. Kids love dirt bikes and superheroes.

Marvel Universe Live gives us the best of both worlds. A chance to see your favorite superhero mixed with action packed stunts and dirt bikes.

As Marvel Universe Live tours the United States, one very familiar face to Michigan motocross will be in the act as it takes to The Palace of Auburn Hills for three days of shows on September 25th thru the 27th.

Sarah Whitmore grew up in Cheboygan, Michigan. Racing motocross on tracks like Baja Acres and Red Bud. Becoming a 4 time National Champion. Sarah has gone from motocross star to hometown superhero. She will be playing two roles. One of Pepper Potts and as a villain she plays Madame Hydra.

Photo: Sarah practices for some of her off bike action.

Okay, she's not Sarah Whitmore any longer. It's Sarah Smage. Recently married to Phil Smage, who plays the role of Captain America on tour. 

While Phil was working for another Feld Entertainment tour, he was made aware of the need for a female part in the Marvel Universe Live shows. His riding abilities along with his wife's made them a perfect pair to follow the tour, working together, although Madame Hydra is against Captain America. 

Photo: during a show, Sarah gets a chance to perform with her husband.

Sarah still makes time for her love of moto and recently picked up a new KTM 150SX. She finds time to ride on weekdays between shows and has convinced her husband of just how fun the 150 is. They have been traveling with the tour in a van packed with 2 trials bikes and the KTM. 

"In my opinion, the dirt bikes are the highlight of the show." A show that Sarah says is "100% excitement, all the time." There will be car chases, explosions, fire, battles between your favorite Marvel superheroes and of corse motorcycles.

"It's so real to the kids." Sarah never imagined her career in motocross would lead her to this, but is grateful to get back from a sport that she's put so much in to. 

Tour life will be crazy as Marvel Universe Live has shows packed through May of 2016. Living on the road as she travels with her husband, who she now lives with in Wisconsin. One thing for sure is Sarah is happy to come home to Michigan. To see friends and family as she lives as a real life superhero. "I'll always call Michigan home."

Keep an eye out for Sarah Smage during the show.

Tickets for shows at The Palace of Auburn Hills along with all other events are available on

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Follow Sarah on Instagram @swhitmore89

Photo: Marvel Universe Live takes over a stadium floor.

Don't miss out on this chance to see everything you dreamed of as a kid, all under one roof.

-Kyle Pesci

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