Wednesday, September 2, 2015


How hard are you willing to fight? Motocross is a sport that offers up this challenge nearly every moto. Busting your ass to accomplish a goal. Setting goals that on days seem unreachable, just to find a strength not even you knew you possessed. The training, the blood, sweat and tears. Dedication and even the days you feel like just saying f@&$ it. You can learn a lot about yourself at your worst moments. You can find the power to amaze many people with attitude.

I sit here thinking of the riders I've talked to and the support this blog has gotten. With every interview, every Facebook or Instagram post, I watch KCMX grow. The support has been unreal and lead me to meet some of the greatest people. Seeing my name and my vision on the visor of any rider is an amazing feeling. Having fans of what I'm doing, as I'm just a fan of the sport myself. 

One person has hit me as just a true badass. Most likely the toughest person I've met through all of this. Brittany Correia. 

Photo: Brittany Correia 

You may recall the big BW2W on the solid white gear of Michael Leib or the logo on the helmets of guys like Beni Williams and Kyle Partridge. BW2W stands for Brits Will 2 Walk.

In May of 2009 Brittany was paralyzed in an auto accident that left her with injuries to the C5, C6 and C7 vertebrae. 

Her accident happened in Hawaii, but rehabilitation and family would bring Brittany to California. The best place for her rehab would also surround her with the sport she loves. Motocross.

Among all the places you'll find Brittany, she has been putting in work with Charles Dao of Icon Sports Alliance. Icon Sports is a top training facility used by many pro motocross racers. The videos she post online are truly inspirational. To see her fight, struggle and persevere is a sight to see. Nobody works harder. Nobody has her determination. 

Photo: Brittany Correia 

Brittany has supported Killer Customz since the beginning. I met the Leib family while working for Lee Radder and MxRider Magazine. Brittany was a big of the magazine. She teamed up with Michael Leib on his new gear adventures and is friends with Beni Williams. Both of these guys were some if the first to jump onboard with my project. Brittany had been liking, sharing and helping spread the word of my blog ever since. 

Photo: Brittany Correia 

Brittany has no idea I'm writing this piece on her. Hell, she probably had no idea how much of an inspiration to the blog she has been. 

Learn more about Brittany at

Follow her on Instagram @britswill2walk or @britz317

You can also follow Icon Sports @iconsports1

I said it once, I'll say it again. Brittany Correia, you are a badass. Keep up the fight and thanks for being a part of and inspiring the motocross community.

Photo: Brittany Correia

-Kyle Pesci


  1. Great story and good on you for writing it. Main stream media won't write it. Brittany is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Brittany you are such an inspiration, I am glad I know you.