Thursday, September 17, 2015

Double Dippin'...Alex Nagy.

What's it take to qualify for a Lucas Oil Pro Motocross National? Physical fitness, a good support group, a well tuned bike and thousandths of seconds. One missed shift or a perfectly scrubbed jump can be the difference of making the show or going home.

It's tough to stand under the scoring truck awning and wait for that piece of paper to be posted. A piece of paper with nothing but names and numbers. A piece of paper with a line drawn between 36 and 37. To see the lineup of guys who know they cut it close and have fingers crossed that just one lap was above that line on that piece of paper. To see joy and pain with one click of a stapler. A piece of paper that makes or breaks dreams.

Riders can spend years on the bubble of making their dream of lining up as a professional motocross racer come true. The 250 class is stacked with young talent along with up and comers trying to make a name. The 450 class is the premier class and nearly every guy on the gate is a big name in the sport. Qualifying in either class is a huge accomplishment and one of the most challenging things a professional will ever face.

This season a 19 year old from Richmond, Illinois was on the gate in not just one, but both the 250 and 450 classes. 

Alex Nagy rides the number 509 Suzuki. Now in his third year as a pro, he earned his first pro point in 2014 during the 2nd 250 moto at Washougal. This season the number alternated from white backgrounds to black. Coming off a solid Supercross season, where he'd qualify for every night show, Alex carried momentum into the outdoors. 

Photo: Diffysmooth

He'd make the cut at Glen Helen in the 450 class. 35-32 scores gave Alex 36th overall. A few rounds later he'd put the 250 in the show at Budds Creek. Alex would do it again at Millville, Washougal and Utah, where he'd score his best moto of the season with a 25th in moto 2. Results on the 250, good enough for 58th overall on the season.

"Trying to compete every weekend against riders and teams with unlimited budgets" is something Alex considers a struggle, but his very technical style and willingness to constantly learn new things has made his run at professional motocross a good one.

"Racing is the only thing I want to do." Life is just more fun with a dirt bike in Alex's life and it's been that way since he was 3 years old. "It takes a whole families dedication to help a rider make it." So true to Nagy family and support from Alex's mom and dad. He also has grandparents in California, who offer a comfortable place to stay while on the west coast. 

Alex is willing to do whatever it takes to race his dirt bike. We did this interview right after a trip to California and back to Illinois. He's dedicated to the sport. He's raced like many pros do, sick and injured. He's traveled alone in a van for hours to please the fans of motocross. He wouldn't trade it for the world. "Racing has taken me places that I would have never been with a normal life."

Alex gets support from: Midwest Action Cycle, AXO, Spy, Shoei, Race Tech, EVS, MotoStar, JJW, Team Gus, Yoshimura, Tokyo Mods, SuperSprox, MotoSeat, Rekluse, Pirelli and ODI.

Photo: Diffysmooth

You can follow Alex on Instagram @alexnagy509

Alex, we #cheerprivateer for you.

"Every rider on the gate has put their entire life into it."

-Kyle Pesci

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