Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Pros of the Brawl.

Baja Acres is a staple in Michigan motocross. The roots of the Michigan Mafia grew up racing here. Names like Eddie Warren, Jeff Stanton, Keith Bowen, Brian Swink, Josh Woods and Nick Wey come to mind.

We normally don't focus much on amatuer races, but when an event like the Baja Brawl comes to town, the A and pro classes stack up fast.

The Brawl is an AMA Featured Event And handed out AMA Championships in every class. DMXS' Kevin Kelly and The Vanilla Ice Project's Wes Kain were in the house to call the action of every moto. 

The stars of the show were Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider Austin Forkner and JustinBarcia.com rider Marshal Weltin. Although most races were between these two in the pro classes, it wouldn't be without challenge by the super fast Jerry Lorenz in the Open Pro class. Lorenz made a statement in moto 1 as he gained the lead early and pushed to the checkers,

Austin Forkner would go 1-1 in 250 Pro and 2-2 was good enough for the overall in Open Pro. The 450 Pro motos were a showdown between Weltin and Forkner. They'd swap moto finishes, it'd be Weltin's 2-1 that got the overall. 

The 450A class offered up a few riders who we didn't see in the pro classes. Marshall Weltin would get the moto 1 win but crash out of championship contention. James Roberts has raw speed and a unique style that would carry him to the front. Unlike the pro classes, the A class ran a 3 moto format and Roberts 2-3-1 scores would earn him the championship on his TCD Honda.

If you have not attended a Baja Brawl in your life, put it on your bucket list. It offers up great racing and side shows through the event like Belly Flops, Jet Skiing, Evil Midget, The Wheelie Team, pit bike races and more! The best thing yet is it pulls in big gate drops in the A and Pro classes. 

Michael Flavell was at the event and captured some photos of the action. 

James Roberts

Matt Klann

Austin Forkner

Marshal Weltin

Jesse Pierce

Austin Forkner


250 Pro
1. Austin Forkner
2. Marshal Weltin
3. Timmy Badour

459 Pro
1. Marshal Weltin
2. Austin Forkner
3. Timmy Badour

Open Pro
1.Austin Forkner
2. Jerry Lorenz
3. Marshal Weltin

1. James Roberts
2. Nick Schnagl
3. RJ Schroyer

-Kyle Pesci

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