Wednesday, August 12, 2015

In Between...Killy Rusk.

Where did they go? Teams like Yamaha of Troy, Motoworld Suzuki, Planet Honda, ECC or even the old Subway Honda. It was teams like this that fielded 3 or 4 high profile privateers and served as a stepping stone for some guys, like Andrew Short, as they proved themselves as a professional and looked for that spot on a factory team. Hell, even factory teams are few and far between now. Suzuki hasn't had a 250 rider and years and there's no Factory Yamaha team at all. 

I was talking with the father of a racer and the word "tweeners" came up. The riders who are "in between." The step between being a full privateer and living the life of a factory guy. Hard work and consistent result could end you up on one of these in between teams. 

Having the structure of a team and helping hands can be the next step closer for a privateer making the show, to being looked at as a serious guy week in and week out.

The rider we were talking about in this instance was 23 year old Killian Rusk, better known as Killy. A rider from Colorado, who was racing as Team Rusk through Supercross and putting himself in to main events. He recorded a semi qualifier win in San Diego.

Photo: Diffysmooth

The number 58 would join the / Rock River Yamaha team for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships. 

"I just kinda asked what they had going on for outdoors." Killy was then offered a spot on the team following the Las Vegas Supercross finale.

An awesome and relaxed attitude is Killy Rusk. He keeps it fun and focuses on not getting burnt out on his job by spending time with friends and family. Goals for the year include marrying his fiancĂ©, Lacee. That and staying healthy while putting in solid results. 

He's coming off a 19th overall at Unadilla and has a season best moto finish of 15th at Muddy Creek. Killy currently sits 32nd overall in the premier 450 class. He enjoys hard pack tracks, which should be to his favor heading in to Utah for round 11, where he hopes to turn some of his season bad luck around. Like Ricky Bobby's dad said, "It's the fastest that get paid."

Photo: Diffysmooth

Training out of his spare bedroom and running on determination, Killy is supported by great sponsors. Cycle Trader, Yamaha, Rock River Powersports, Roostmx, Enzo, FLY, Bell, Cycra, Dunlop, Dubya, XBrand, EVS, RK, Excel, FMF, Guts, GET, Gaerne, K&N, ODI, Mindfx, VP, Skratch Labs, ARC, Yamalube, GYTR and Lite Speed.

Killy Rusk is racing because he loves it. "There's not a ton of money in racing." He loves the surprise feeling it gives him. "Something different happens every time." He loves the fans. He loves motocross.

I'd love to see some more teams really giving guys the chance to get to the next level. It's funny how these "in between" guys are normally the ones that get hated on the most. They consistently qualify and get decent results, yet they struggle to gain sponsors, get media coverage and have to listen about how they sucked this week. Sucked? 19th overall at a pro national. Any guy on the gate is an amazing human being. 

Don't forget the "tweeners". Don't forget to Cheer Privateer.

Follow Killy Rusk on Instagram @RUSKERS_

Killy gives a Special thanks to everyone at the Cycle Trader / Rock River Team, his dad Rob and mechanic Zeb Smith.


Photo: Diffysmooth

-Kyle Pesci


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