Sunday, August 30, 2015

And now we wait...2015 Season Review.

One hell of a season has come to an end. Now that the 2015 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships are over, we can reflect on what we saw and take in just how great motocross is.

Budds Creek was a mudder and 250 championship came down to the final moto. 

Photo: Jim McMillan 

Ryan Dungey is unreal. A 450 class champion...again. Jeremy Martin defended his 250 class number 1 plate and you had to feel a little bad the way it ended for Marvin Musquin.

The 450 class saw 128 different guys qualify over the season. Outside of the top 10 in season points, only 2 guys qualified at every round. Kyle Chisholm and Kyle Cunningham. Two guys who accomplished something amazing while racing on non factory supported machines. The seasons best moto finish by a rider on a non factory supported bike was Tony Archer's 8th place at Budds Creek on his number 285 Traders Kawasaki.

Photo: Jim McMillan 

The 250 class had some depth this year. Hell, Yamaha had some depth this year. Jeremy Martin, Alex Martin, Cooper Webb and Aaron Plessinger all moto winners and all on blue. The once dominant Pro Circuit Kawasaki team didn't win a moto all season, although they scored an overall win with Joey Savatgy at Unadilla. Only 98 different guys qualified for a National in the 250 class, nobody on a non factory supported team qualified at every round. The number 376 of Chris Canning was the closest, only missing RedBud with bike issues. As for a best moto finish by a non factory guy, Hayden Mellross (Ironman), Nick Gaines (Budds Creek) and Marshal Weltin (Utah) all grabbed a 13th throughout the season.

What has long hair, a mustache and 125cc? Gared Steinke. This guy became a household name this season, but would he have had he not been putting a 125 two stroke in to the program against 250cc four strokes? Some people were scratching their heads that a guy with this much talent would put himself at a 125cc disadvantage. Realistically, who did you pay attention to this year outside the top 20? In my eyes, Gared is a 20-30 guy. If he's out there on a 250 four stroke he's just another struggling privateer. He brought excitement to the sport and to the guys I call "The Others." He made that list multiple times and just missed the points in Utah. He earned himself a name in the sport and gave the fans that sweet sound in their ears. Hell of a year Steinke.

Photo: Diffysmooth

Alex Martin. Your win was bad ass!  You deserve the ride you will have next season and man is it going to be cool having the Martin brothers under the same rig.

Photo: Diffysmooth

And now we wait. Motocross of Nations, RedBull strait Rhythm and the Monster Energy Cup will hold us over until Supercross. 

James Stewart is a free man and I think will be back stronger than ever. He's my 2016 Supercross Champ pick. Eli Tomac should be healthy and on green. Ken Roczen I'm sure will be comfy on his Suzuki and have time to be healthy and prepared for 2016. Rumors are flying around already. Who's going where and I'm even hearing a big team will have a new gear look. I'm not much for silly season, but I can't wait for Supercross.

The 2015  Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship was one to remember. 12 rounds, 24 motos, 2 champions. 

-Kyle Pesci

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