Monday, July 27, 2015

The Others...Washougal.

This is getting interesting. After this weekends Lucas Oil Pro National in Washougal, Washington the 250 and 450 championships have really tightened up. Rain came and went through the day and made for a very rutted track with heavy mud winding through the pine trees of the most scenic track on tour.

Photo: Jarred Williams

The 450 winner may already be known with KTM's Ryan Dungey continuing his solid rides. This week he would again grab the overall victory by swapping scores with JGR Yamaha's Justin Barcia. Barcia is in a groove and would be a real contender had he found it a few rounds earlier. Christophe Pourcel put is two consistent motos for 3rd overall on his Rockstar Husqvarna. Barcia and Suzuki rider Ken Roczen are now tied for 2nd in the championship.

The 2nd 450 moto was a nail biter with Dungey, Barcia and Roczen all within a few bike lengths. I love this kind of racing. 

The 250 class is going to get dicey as we approach the final. Cooper Webb is fast and fired up. This kid wants his Yamalube Yamaha on the podium at all costs. After his "bullcrap" 2nd place finish in moto 1 he'd go out and claim moto 2 and the overall. Marvin Musquin put his RedBull KTM on the podium with 1-2 scores for 2nd overall and really closed up the championship points chase after Jeremy Martin's 9-3 finishes on the day. Third overall on the day went to Yamalube Yamaha's Aaron Plessinger. 

Photo: Rghnck Brand

I've got to give it up to Washington native Tommy Weeck. 37-18 scores for 21st overall. Showing up and earning some points is huge. 

You may have also noticed a Honda in the 250 class piloted by Toshiki Tomita. Toshiki came over from Japan and went 17-12 for 14th overall. 

And now, The Others.

20. 343 Luke Renzland
21. 47 Martin Davalos
22. 88 Dakota Alix
23. 77 Justin Starling
24. 376 Chris Canning
25. 211 Tevin Tapia
26. 726 Gared Steinke
27. 95 Nick Gaines
28. 974 Jareyd McNeil
29. 397 Brandon Scharer 
30. 66 Chris Alldredge 
31. 715 Kele Russell
32. 509 Alex Nagy
33. 280 Dalton Harris
34. 434 Daniel Baker
35. 180 Bryar Perry
36. 195 Keaton Ward
37. 506 Alyas Wardius
38. 987 Matt Babbitt
39. 654 Garrett Christiffsen
40. 536 Erick Meusling

20. 84 Jesse Wentland
21. 331 Tommy Weeck
22. 800 Mike Alessi 
23. 481 Sergey Astaykin 
24. 123 Kevin Rookstool
25. 131 Noah Mcconahy 
26. 253 John Short
27. 164 Austin Ullrich
28. 831 Kinser Endicott
29. 975 Jake Loberg
30. 70 Nick Schmidt
31. 476 Collin Jurin
32. 181 Dustin Pipes
33. 447 Devon Raper
34. 91 Chris Howell
35. 187 Dylan Bauer
36. 348 Jason Brooks
37. 981 Austin Politelli
38. 894 Dwight Dillon
39. 69 Ronnie Stewart
40. 35 Kyle Cunningham

The series will now take a break for the Loretta Lynn's Amateur National. Racing will then return at Unadilla. We will also get the announcement of The Motocross of Nations USA team.

-Kyle Pesci

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