Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Others...RedBud.

I've never had the chance to attend a Motocross of Nations race (MXDN), but I can only imagine it'd be something like RedBud. 

Round 7 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship is somewhat of a hometown race, being from the east side of the mitten state. 

Photo: KCMX

This year seemed to have a higher attendance than the last few years. I'd say the biggest since Ricky's last trip. The RedBud fans do not disappoint and the chants of REEEEEED BUUUUUUUUD are still playing in my head. 

The racing was just as exciting as the fans. Most riders and or bikes decked out in red, white and blue to celebrate the holiday. 

Photo: KCMX

The 250 class had the track first as teammates Cooper Webb and Jeremy Martin would put on a battle for the moto 1 win. Martin would come out on top followed by Webb and Zach Osborne. Moto 2 would be Martin again and secure him the overall along with the points lead. Osborne would grab 2nd in the moto and overall. Christian Craig would put in a very solid moto 2 and finish 3rd, although 3rd overall went to Cooper Webb with 2-5 scores.

The 450 class may have been a statement that last week, it wasn't the mud who gave us our winner. Justin Barcia came out on fire. Maybe it was the momentum from his mudder win, because he did it again. 2-1 score on the day have him the top step on the podium and giving the champaign shower to the fans. Barcia battled hard in moto1 with Ryan Dungey, who swapped scores going 1-2 for 2nd overall. Ken Roczen looked good and was consistent going 3-3 on the day for 3rd overall.

This week I've got to give it up to Heath Harrison. Heath took his number 224 to a 19th overall, scoring points in both motos of the 450 class. 

And now, The Others.

20. 88 Dakota Alix
21. 450 Hayden Mellross
22. 95 Nick Gaines
23. 74 Zack Williams
24. 434 Daniel Baker
25. 397 Brandon Scharer
26. 77 Justin Starling
27. 353 Kody Kamm
28. 367 Hunter Sayles
29. 273 Commer Elliott
30. 79 Jace Owen
31. 742 Christian Telker
32. 322 Jersmy Hand
33. 959 Max Groom
34. 270 Jacob Runkles
35. 358 Warren Nelson
36. 351 Eric Grondahl 
37. 950 Nathan LaPorte
38. 605 Jetti Pifer
39. 78 Preston Mull
40. 904 Jarett Pesci

20. 348 Jason Brooks
21. 73 Gannon Audette
22. 253 John Short
23. 219 Shane Sewell
24. 131 Noah McConahy
25. 285 Tony Archer
26. 123 Kevin Rookstool
27. 87 Cody Gilmore
28. 975 Jake Loberg
29. 309 Jerry Smith
30. 230 Travis Sewell
31. 69 Ronnie Stewart
32. 828 Justin Craft
33. 421 Vann Martin
34. 427 Matthew Toth
35. 993 Austin Wagner
36. 893 Jarred Williams
37. 881 Jerry Lorenz III
38. 298 Cody Gragg
39. 314 Alex Ray
40. 81 Jeff Walker

Photo: KCMX

The racers will now enjoy a week off and prepare for Millville. A track where Jeremy Martin and Ryan Dungey may be the favorites and both look to extend their point leads.

-Kyle Pesci


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