Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Others...Millville.

Technical. Heavy Friday rains made for some serious track maintenance to make good racing on Saturday. Round 8 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship  took place at Spring Creek in Millville, Minnesota.

Spring Creek is the home of the Martin family. Jeremy Martin came in as the heavy favorite in the 250 class and looking to extend his points lead. His brother Alex would be looking for a podium spot as well. 

250 moto one was just what Red Bull KTM's Marvin Musquin needed early. Jeremy Martin was mid pack and Marvin was about to take the lead. Marvin would the collide with Alex Martin, Alex went down and Marvin put on a charge to the front before going off the track and getting stuck re entering the track. Jeremy Martin would capitalize and work his way to 3rd while Marvin fought for 8th. Jeremy would extend on his points lead by putting his Rockstar Yamaha on top of the podium in moto two and a 2nd overall on the day. His teammate Cooper Webb had 1-2 scores good enough for the top spot on the day and a very cool viking trophy. Joey Savatgy would finish 3rd overall on his Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki.

Photo: Aaron Maly

The 450 class was somewhat of a homecoming. Ryan Dungey grew up in Minnesota and he would not disappoint his locals, going 1-1 on the day. Dungey's win would not come without fight. For the third week strait, JGR Yamaha rider Justin Barcia was fighting for the win in both motos. Barcia will win more races this season. He looks strong, fit and is hauling ass. Barcia has a little fire in him too. If you were able to watch practice, you may have seen him showing a few people why he is called "Bam Bam" and giving the bird en route! Justin would go 2-2 on the day. The battle for 3rd was a bit off the pace, but Blake Baggett showed his El Chupacabra style with late race charges and would reel in Ken Roczen to take 3rd overall. I've got to admit, I like seeing Blake be the top Suzuki rider.

A couple privateers put in very impressive rides this weekend, but I have really got to give it up to Jesse Wentland on his 12-12 finishes in the 450 class. Also Jason Brooks going 14-14 for 13th overall. 

And now...The Others.

20. 434 Daniel Baker
21. 95 Nick Gaines
22. 450 Hayden Mellross 
23. 397 Brandon Scharer
24. 376 Chris Canning
25. 659 Justin Freund
26. 273 Conner Elliot
27. 358 Warren Nelson
28. 353 Kody Kamm
29. 726 Gared Steinke
30. 280 Dalton Harris 
31. 273 Jacob Runkles
32. 77 Justin Starling
33. 509 Alex Nagy
34. 822 Clarion Chapiewski
35. 708 Joesph Perron
36. 180 Bryar Perry
37. 689 Keith Tucker
38. 950 Nathan LaPorte
39. 959 Max Groom
40. 68 Christian Craig

20. 224 Heath Harrison
21. 230 Travis Sewell
22. 69 Ronnie Stewart
23. 10 Justin Brayton
24. 421 Vann Martin
25. 219 Shane Sewell
26. 181 Dustin Pipes
27. 196 Trevor Whitmarsh
28. 23 Weston Peick
29. 87 Cody Gillmore
30. 285 Tony Archer
31. 165 James Roberts
32. 918 Michael Akaydin
33. 749 Gavin Kadlec
34.993 Austin Wagner
35. 265 Nick Fratz-Orr
36. 828 Justin Craft
37. 213 Jon-Murray Barr
38. 314 Alex Ray
39. 881 Jerry Lorenz
40. 58 Killy Rusk

The last couple rounds will show a very tough schedule for the privateers. The final four races will go from west to east, back west and back east! Next up is Washougal, Washington. 

-Kyle Pesci

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