Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thank you and RedBud.

I want to take a quick minute to recognize those who have helped with spreading the word, building and supporting this whole project. First and foremost, my wife Michelle. She pushed me to go after this and its been a lot of fun. My brother, the privateer whom I am most proud of. Michael Akaydin and Alex Ray, these two guys have done what it takes to get me in touch with other riders and running the logo. Chris Ganz aka Brown Dog Wilson for the support and help with photos week in and out. Charlie from Diffysmooth for photos, posting and making me a part of his program. GuyB from Vital for his support and direction along with help in posting on his forum.

I'd Like to focus on two guys who are local to me and kill it behind the lens. Photographers who bust their asses for the love of the sport.

Michael Flavell. This kid reminds me so much of myself when i got in to journalism. His love for the sport and want to learn and grow as a photographer is amazing. So much energy and always wanting to help. This kid strives for the blue vest and this year at RedBud, he got the chance to work as press for his first ever national. I was very proud to have him there and representing KCMX. Thanks for all you do Michael. Follow him on Instagram @flavellphotography.

Jim McMillan. A guy who seems to be everywhere. Willing to do anything for anyone. Such a great eye behind the lens and can make anyone look fast. Always sharing my blogs and was one of the first guys to say "if there's anything I can do to help." Jim has been knocking out sweet pics of my brother for years and I am excited to be able to use his work on my blog. Thanks for all that you do Jim. It really means a lot. Follow Jim on Instagram @six10mxphoto.

Here are a few shots from RedBud by Michael Flavell.

...and here are some of Jim McMillan's RedBud photos.

Thanks to all who read and help spread the word. 

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