Monday, June 8, 2015

The Others...Muddy Creek.

Well, The seasons over huh? Ryan Dungey won this weekend because Eli Tomac is out...right? If Villopoto was racing here or if James was allowed to race, blah blah blah. Being there week in and week out is half the battle. I saw an interesting stat this week, Ryan Dungey has finished top 3 in every championship since his rookie season. 

This week Dungey was Dungey and Ken Roczen might have found his groove as round 4 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships took way in Tennessee at Muddy Creek. Dungey would win moto 1 with ease as Jason Anderson would show his grit and hold off Roczen for 2nd. Roczen went in to moto 2 with something to prove and he'd do just that with a solid moto win. Dungey took the overall this week, but Roczen looks ready for some wins. Jason Anderson proved he has what it takes to race up front and Blake Baggett has been on the move. If you think this 450 championship is over, you might not want to say that too loud. 

Photo: Kirby Leiby

The 250 class has depth and it seems like some guys are getting up to speed. This class is going to come down to Marvin Musquin and Jeremey Martin but there sure was some good racing this week. Martin went 2-1 for the overall, but behind him it was solid racing for 30 minutes. Musquin would crash early in moto 2 and have to work for a 4th place finish and a 2nd overall. Jessy Nelson looks awesome, Adam Cianciarulo is gaining steam, RJ Hampshire has top 5 speed and Joey Savatgy is back up to speed. If Aaron Plessinger learned anything from leading early, he is a real podium threat in the near future too. This class is stacked and gave awesome motos at Muddy Creek.

Chad Reed raced without his new camera. Ronnie Stewart took a hard practice crash. It was really foggy in qualifying and it rained a little in 450 moto 2. My DVR says it recorded motocross, yet I have an hour of NBC Kids cartoons.

Photo: Ben Watson

This week Hayden Mellross was my standout privateer. The Australian took his number 450 Honda to 15-15 moto scores for 13th overall in the 250 class. Well done.

Photo: Mat Mellross

And now...The Others.

20. 57 Jackson Richardson
21. 128 Alex Frye
22. 78 Preston Mull
23. 813 Aaron Lampi
24. 195 Keaton Ward
25. 434 Daniel Baker
26. 77 Justin Starling
27. 987 Matthew Babbitt
28. 904 Jarett Pesci
29. 367 Hunter Sayles
30. 74 Zack Williams
31. 927 Jamal Porter
32. 95 Nick Gaines
33. 358 Warren Nelson
34. 655 John Pauk
35. 68 Christian Craig
36. 376 Chris Canning
37. 959 Max Groom
38. 708 Joesph Perron
39. 150 William Duffy
40. 742 Christian Telker

20. 73 Gannon Audette
21. 84 Jesse Wentland
22. 22 Chad Reed
23. 253 John short
24. 548 Broc Schmelyun 
25. 348 Jason Brooks
26. 466 Grant Ransdell
27. 131 Noah Mcconahy
28. 393 Daniel Herrlein
29. 76 Evgeny Mikhaylov 
30. 224 Heath Harrison
31. 244 Ryan Zimmer
32. 576 Nathan Winegar
33. 975 Jake Loberg
34. 399 Broc Peterson
35. 309 Jeremy Smith
36. 579 Alex O'Dell
37. 566 Carson Tickle 
38. 838 Larry McVay
39. 314 Alex Ray
40. 291 Kyle White

Next up is Round 5 in Mount Morris, PA. The High Point National.

-Kyle Pesci

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